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A Pig For A Wife?

Many thousands of years ago, we humans lived in small communities in which everyone knew one another. I assume in such a world, young boys and girls lacked extensive choices as to who to marry, but in most cases the youngsters sorted out the situation based on love or food or power. For some reason, among various groups of humans, the idea has been passed on that village elders and parents have the right to decide who marries who and anyone who gets in the way risks being physically hurt. A young New Zealand girl fell in love with a boy her age, but in the process she attracted attention of the boy’s father who decided he would make a better spouse for the girl than his son. He offered her parents a large pig and some neat mats which apparently was equal in value to their daughter.

On the night of the marriage, the girl fled to her boyfriend, but he was a loyal son and brought her home to dad or, should I say, brought her home to her future husband. Mom and dad together with hubby, stand accused of “allegedly to force her to be the groom’s wife and to force her to have sex with him.”

No doubt, mom, dad and hubby are confused. From their perspective, exactly what did they do wrong? After all, mom and dad did get a large pig and all they lost was a daughter!