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Horn Of Africa Faces Humanitarian Crisis

United Nations aid workers in the Horn of Africa are warning of an impending crisis for millions of its inhabitants as drought and rising food prices are reducing people to the position of beggars in their own land. Dahir Abdi Salah used to feed his children three meals a day, pancakes for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, and beans for dinner, but now they subsist on porridge once a day. “A kilogram of beans used to cost a few cents, now it’s a dollar.” More than 14 million people across the Horn of Africa rely on food aid and other assistance in order to survive. According to Mark Bowden, of the UN, “this had led to more than belt-tightening. People are reducing their food intake– we have only months before we go into a major crisis.”

There are growing fears rain that normally arrives in the fall will not make its annual visit this year which would devastate an area that already is experiencing disaster. Somalia is a basket case where invading Ethiopian troops have merely worsened a terrible situation in which local chieftains vie for power.

The world needs its oil to drive its cars which can pollute the air. Unfortunately, the wold apparently places its automobiles ahead of humans living on this planet.