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Are Patients Entitled To Sex From Nurses?

Every so often an idea emerges which offers a new paradigm for human existence. A disabled man in a hospital in the Netherlands has come up with a breakthrough idea– nurses should provide sex to their patients. This makes sense. After all, the job of a nurse is to provide for the physical health of her patients and what better medicine than some good old fashioned sex? Think about it. A patient who has just completed a few hours of sex is tired, does not need any medicine and will go happily and quietly to sleep. This saves the hospital money because less is spent on drugs and since sex only leads to happiness, there is no financial loss to hospitals and doctors. If every patient in America had a shot of sex, drug use would dramatically decline and we could provide free medical care to all Americans, plus the bonus of some nice sex.

For some reason, the union representing nurses is drawing the line about this patient benefit. As it turns out the man in the Dutch hospital was getting hand jobs from nurses until this one reactionary turned her hand on him. I can’t figure it out– hand exercise, body exercise, mental pleasure and it is does not a cent.