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Israeli Government Does It Again!

The Israeli government is in disarray with scant probability a compromise Cabinet will emerge that has the support of most people and can act in a vigorous manner to further the cause of peace. The Gaza expedition was disastrous both from a political and military stand point as well as making the name of Israel hated in many parts of the world. Angry Israelis can complain that any nation which condemns their invasion of Gaza is simply displaying anti-semitism. One would assume given the precarious situation, Israel officials would walk carefully to avoid initiating any further conflict. However, the Israel government has announced it intended to evict 1,500 Palestinians from the Al-Bustan neighborhood of east Jerusalem on ground they are occupying the houses illegally since the homes were built without permits. Of course, most of the houses were built before 1967 when they were governed by Jordan.

It is not the most Earth shaking problem but it simply points out how Israel leadership continually ignores public relations. The entire issue of who lives where in Jerusalem should be left to negotiations and evicting people is hardly the way to work for peace. Such actions simply add more fuel to the fire of discord. At this point, it is to the self interest of Israel to back away from conflict and present a stance of respecting the rights of Palestinians.