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Winter Of Discontent For Democrats With Obama

This has become a winter of discontent for increasing numbers of liberal Americans as they witness coming passage of a health care bill which does not contain a public health option. A year ago liberals and even conservatives looked forward expectantly to a new president who would address economic and foreign policy issues. President Obama faced up to the potential of an economic collapse by his bail out plan. Granted, it did not sufficiently deal with the necessity of new laws to regulate bankers and Wall Street, it did halt the collapse of the economy. Perhaps, the mistake of Obama was to confront the issue of health care in his first year in office rather than deal with growing unemployment. Instead of a massive government led program for work that would include dealing with vast infrastructure needs, Obama had Democrats become completely absorbed in health care. The result is a 10% unemployment rate and, ironically, those without jobs can’t afford paying health insurance fees -even with government assistance.

Barack Obama surrounded himself with the bright boys of Harvard who believe they know what is best for Americans. They never grasped that work-a job- is at the heart of all adult Americans and offering them a diluted health care program which requires payment for health care is simply the reason for anger.

Howard Dean is leading the fight against the current health care bill because it lacks a public option. The underlying issue is not mistakes in this bill, but mistakes in failing to address the immediate needs of Americans for work and pay. Who needs a great or flawed health care bill if you are without a job?