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Obama Free Speech Plea In China Not Free

China’s media heralded the event as one in which President Obama would dialogue with Chinese university students, but after several moments, the entire process was cut off from viewers. The American president was speaking to government selected group of students who sat silently throughout Obama’s presentation in which he uttered such un-Chinese statements as, “that all men and women are created equal and possess certain fundamental rights. The government should reflect the will of the people and respond to their wishes. That commerce should be open, information freely accessible and that laws, not simply men, should guarantee the administration of justice.” In fairness, it should be noted the Chinese government did allow a few minutes of this talk to appear before they heard the actual words and then cut to some other interesting topic.

Students did ask some questions, or, at least, the questions they were given to pose by government officials. There are reports Obama and President Hu Jintao will have a press conference, but one should expect it will consist of statements from the two leaders, no questions and a quick departure.

China Proposes Improving Relations With Taiwan

At a time when bombings rock the Middle East, the government of China has moved to utilize peaceful strategies of dealing with its 60 year conflict with Taiwan. Chinese President Hu Jintao proposed that mainland China and Taiwan “engage in contacts and exchanges on military issues” in order to establish a system of mutual military trust. He believes such interaction will stabilize the situation and prevent the outbreak of any violence. He also proposed the two entities could sign a treaty of peace. In a sharp break with prior rhetoric, President Hu said: “people on both sides of the Straits share the responsibility of ending the history of confrontation.”

The President of China said his nation was prepared to work with Taiwan to ensure it could once again become a member of international organizations. He basically made clear if Taiwan accept the concept of “one China.” He is willing to conclude economic agreements and work to further cultural exchanges.

Perhaps, the offer of President Hu is a model that Israel and Palestinians authorities might emulate. It begins with establishing military trust and from that point, genuine peace can arrive.

Hu Jintao Talks-Bush Listens

Accoding to the China Daily, President Hu Jintao, has a long telephone conversation with President Bush in which the Chinese leader explained to the American what really is going on in the world. Hu made certain Bush understod the protestors in Tibet were like those wild violent hippy protestors against the Vietnam War figuring George would shake his head in agreement. Hu made clear his government has tried desperately to maintain friendly relations with the separatist, violent Dalai Lama but he refuses to cooperate. He said China was willing to discuss the situation with the Dalai Lama if he would only cease urging an independent nation. Hu expressed appreciation for Bush’s support of China in opposing Taiwan declaring its independence. Bush made clear he would be at the Olympics and he would oppose any effort to have the games cancelled. After all, he has free tickets and they are in a good location so why blow the freebie.

Please let me make clear, the above is NOT FACTUAL but is manufactured by my brain since the China Daily never told its readers exactly what were the responses of George Bush.