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Obama Sweeps Ahead -Also In Delegate Count

The ever chugging train of Barack Obama continued puffing along as the Illinois Senator swept through three more states on his road to the Democratic convention. He gained an easy victory over Clinton in Nebraska by 68% to 32% and in Washington by 68% to 31% while his margin of victory in Louisiana was 57% to 37%. It is expected he will do well in Maine and should easily gain victory in Tuesday’s eelction in Washington D.C. was well as in Maryland and Viginia. An interesting facet of his victories is the manner in which his name brings out more voters, there were twice as many voting in Nebraska this year as in 2004. The latest AP count indicates Obama may be slightly ahead in delegate support.

Some Democratic analysts worry the Clinton-Obama struggle will undermine their chances for victory in November. They express concern over expenditue of money, time, and energy while John McCain can sit calmly by and work at raising funds. We beg to differ with this view. Obama and Clinton are energizing Demcorats to come out and vote. They are stirring emotions, passions, and keeping their names in the everyday headlines. The end result will be greater momentum going into fall elections.

The real issue is what happens at the convention. Obama is gaining triumph in more states while Clinton wins the larger ones. Reality is those large states will vote Democratic regardless of whether Clinton or Obama is on the ballot. The more they fight with one another, the greater will be the vote count in November.

In the meantime, John McCain got whipped soundly by Huckabee in Kansas. McCain might well suffer from inaction in terms of having a public forum.

Stand By Your Man, I Mean Flag, Shouts Huckabee!

There are political slanderers and there are political panderers in American poliitics, Mike Huckabee certainly should be awarded an Oscar for his recent mud slinging episode in South Carolina. The Arkansas traveler has decided the critical issue confronting the people of South Carolinia is not the collapse of the stock market or the housing crisis, but flying the Confederate flag. Mr. Huckabee, who describes himself as a “Christian candidate,” displayed good Christian ethics by telling South Carolinians, “You don’t want anyone from out of state coming down and telling you what to do with your flag,” do you? He was resurrecting a topic that had been put to rest eight years ago when the Confederate flag was removed from atop the state legislature. The flag issue was a not so subtle attack on Senator John McCain who supports removal of the Confederate flag.

Senator McCain, who actually fought under the American flag, something never done by patriotic Huckabee who apparently feels more dedicated to preserving the flag of the Confederacy than that of the United States of America, praised South Carolinians for getting rid of a symbol which represents an episode in the past that is over. Even Fred Thompson who needs a strong showing in the state refused to pander to voters aboout the flag and noted it wa a “symbol of racism.” Mr. Huckabee may well win in South Carolna, by resorting to the tactics of smear and racism, but the nation is watching and the nation will turn away from such low life tactics. You may gain a few votes, Mr. Huckabee, but for a Christian candidate is it worth the loss of your soul?

Barack Obama Wins Iowa Primary

As results poured in from Iowa caucuses, it became increasingly clear that Barack Obama has won a smashing victory of his main opponent, Hillary Clinton. It is projected that Obama will obtain about 37% of the votes, John Edwards will get 30% and Hillary Clinton will secure 30% of the caucus votes. Bill Richardson is trailing way behind. In the Republican primary, former Governor Mike Huckabee won by obtaining 34% of the vote to Romney’s 25% while Fred Thompson and John McCain trailed with about 13% of the vote for each.

The indications are strong that Obama will win in New Hampshire and enter major states with the momentum of being a winner. Hillary Clinton has run a campaign of the past rather than one of the future. Her decision to be cautious, to be middle of the road, to lack passion, is resonating in all the wrong ways with voters. They are seeking change and Hillary Clinton simply projects the past and present which are not that attractive to many Americans.

Who’s On First?–Anybody? No, He’s Running Elsewhere

The Iowa free-for-all and the upcoming New Hampshire jigsaw offer any politician running for the presidency ample glee since, select your poll, and you can obtain the result desired. Barack Obama claims his polls indicate he has widened his lead in the Iowa poll by at least seven points over Hillary Clinton. But, the New York senator is gleefully pointing to today’s Zogby Poll which indicates she is ahead at 30% followed by Obama at 26% and Edwards at 25%. The Republican primary is moving in the direction of Mike Huckabee who appears in the lead by 32% to Mitt Romney’s 26%. The nation will have to wait until tomorrow evening to finally discover which of the polls is anywhere near the mark of accuracy.

In a rather surprising move, Dennis Kucinich advised his Iowa supporters to switch their vote to Barack Obama if his total did not reach the 15% mark. This adds a new complexity to the swirling confusion surrounding the Iowa primary. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, the once dead campaign of John McCain took on new life when he apparently surged into the lead with 31% to Romney’s 26%. Mitt Romney has stacked considerable money and time into the two states and two defeats may be too much for the future of his campaign.