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Pakistan Army Blasted For Human Rights Violations

The ongoing dilemma of seeking to promote peace and democracy in the world is a need to work with military leaders who, although against fundamentalist terrorists, much prefer being in charge of terrorism within their own nation. A new report from Human Rights Watch, blasts the Pakistan military for its efforts to undermine civilian government and for refusing any efforts at ensuring American aid to Pakistan further the cause of democracy. The HRW report provides evidence how Pakistan generals wanted deleted from American aid any mention about the aid should be handled by civilian leaders not by the military. According to Ali Dayan Hassan of HRW: “after eight years of disastrous rule and in spite of the election of a civilian government, the army appears determined to call the shots in order to ensure that it can continue to perpetrate abuses with impunity.”

Human Rights Watch emphasized that during the rule of General Musharraf hundreds of people “disappeared” in Baluchistan because of their desire to have greater independence for the region. Oh well, isn’t it wonderful the Pakistan army is on “our side” in the fight against terrorism and for democracy!