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Somalia In Chaos Claim Aid Workers

Top international aid agencies warned that the situation in Somalia had become too dangerous for its workers to provide assistance to one million Somali people caught in the ever escalating war that rages in their nation. Thirty-nine organizations issued their warning of an impending humanitarian catastrophe ahead of the United Nations Security Council debate tomorrow. They initially issued a statement last fall about the situation. “Since then, the crisis engulfing Somalia has deteriorated dramatically while acces to people in need continues to decrease. 360,000 people have been newly displaced and an aditional half a million people are reliant on humanitarian assistance. There are now more than one million internally displaced peple in Somalia. Intense conflict in Mogadishu continues to force an average of 20,000 people from their homes each month.”

A little over a year ago, the Bush administration encouraged Ethiopian forces to invade Somalia and displace a fundamentalist Muslim government, which at least, had restored some semblance of stability to the area. The presence of Christian Ethiopian forces in a Muslim society has merely exacerbated tensions and fostered new outbreaks of violence. There is scant evidence Ethiopian troops are able to control the situaiton and their normal response is violence to violence. One doubts if the people of Somalia are happy that President Bush is getting rid of terrorists in their nation.