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Neo-Nazis March Again In Budapest

The sight of a Nazi flag and the sound of marching boots once again was seen and heard on the streets of Budapest. A march by members of the Hungarian Guard (Maryar Garda) took place two days ago despite protests by civic organizations, but since the rally was authorized by the police, nothing could be done to halt it. The rally was held to make clear to Romas in the city the Hungarian Guard was watching them due to the beating to death by two Roma youths of a 17 year-old boy. Peter Kenda, a liberal journalist, was attacked by marchers who apparently believe anyone showing sympathy for Romas was, by definition, an enemy. Senior Catholic leaders denounced the decision by a chaplain to conduct a flag blessing for the neo-Nazis, this was the first time the Catholic church took a public stand about the Nazi group.

Sixty years after the end of Nazi and neo-Nazi groups in Hungary it is sad to witness their re-emergence in the 21st century. Although the Hungarian Guard represents a tiny minority, their presence is disturbing to the safety of the Roma population in Hungary.