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Hillary Clinton Backs International Court

Among the tragedies of the Bush era was abandonment by America of its responsibilities to work with other nations in the cause of peace. During the past twenty years, Republicans have rejected any call for becoming a member of organizations such as the International Criminal Court as allowing foreigners to tell we Americans what to do. Ironically, it was a Republican, Wendell Wilkie, who after losing the presidential race in 1940, joined with President Roosevelt in fighting for new international organizations and wrote the book, “One World.” America’s work to establish the United Nations was a bipartisan endeavor in which Republicans and Democrats worked together as Americans.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently voiced regret that the United States was not a member of the International Criminal Court. It is time to cease allowing flat Earthers to decide American policy and to recapture the dream of Democrats and Republicans fifty years ago that their country would work with all nations of the world to end war, poverty and hate.

P.S. It is also time for the Supreme Court to recognize legal decisions throughout the world in formulating their own decisions.

Sudan Leader Bashir And Politics Of Denial

The ability of leaders to deny reality is all too common, particularly when the reality consists of killing over 300,000 people, driving millions to flee for their lives and leaving thousands of women brutalized by rape. However, according to President Bashir of Sudan, none of this ever happened on his watch. “I challenge anybody to bring me evidence that proves the Sudan armed forces attacked and killed citizens in Darfur.” I assume a visit to any refugee camp would provide the Sudan leader with evidence from people who witnessed their families being killed and women being raped by members of the Janjaweed who enjoyed their attacks on innocent civilians. What exactly does the Sudan president think about the millions of refugees who have fled the country? Is it his assumption, they left on a vacation?

The best defense for Bashir is to go on the offense and claim “what happened in Darfur was an insurgency. The state has the responsibility to fight rebels.” On one hand, there was no killing of citizens, on the other hand, there was killing of rebels. One can assume the rebels killed were citizens. As far as Bashir is concerned stories about hundreds of thousands of dead people in Darfur are the result of an “organized media campaign.” We await his next claim the media campaign was begun by the Jewish press.

The tragedy of the Muslim world is they are quick to denounce the Gaza invasion and the killing of 1,200 people by Israel forces, but slip into denial when a Muslim nation is accused of killing 300,000 people and raping thousands of women. The only “organized media campaign” is that of the Muslim media which refuses to describe the horror of Darfur.

Sudan Rejects Arab Proposal For Trials

The Sudanese government rejected a proposal by the Arab League to establish a “hybrid court” to prosecute those suspected of participating in the murder of thousands of innocent people in Darfur. The Arab League suggestion was an attempt to circumvent the International Criminal Court indictment of Sudan leder Omar Hassan Al-Bashir who they charged was responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 in Darfur as well as rape and brutalization of thousands of women. The Arab League gave full support to Bashir in his refusal to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the ICC. There are reports Sudan diplomats are furious at the suggestion of a hybrid court which they claim gives credence to the ICC warrant.

Arab media claim Sudan has threatened to withdraw from the Arab League, but if they did so, there are few options in the rest of the world for friends. Sudan demands Arab nations completely reject the very suggestion that anything has gone wrong in Darfur. Most probably the 300,000 reputed dead people are really hiding out in Argentine or Israel.

Omar al-Bashir And Muslim Hypocrisy

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir who has been accused of war crimes against the people of Darfur was warmly greeted in Qatar where he arrived for a meeting of the Arab League. The 22 member Arab League said it would not enforce a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court since it does not believe the Sudan leader is guilty of any crimes. The Arab League issued a statement: “the leaders reject attempt to politicize the principles of international justice and using them to undermine the sovereignty and unity and stability of Sudan.” Of course, Muslim nations never hesitate to condemn the state of Israel for its actions, but apparently the murder of 300,000 people in Darfur by Omar al-Bashir is of no importance to these supposed fighters for human rights.

Those who fight for the rights of Palestinians and refuse to condemn the slaughter of 300,000 and rape of thousands of women only reveal themselves to be hypocrites. Apparently, for defenders of the rights of Palestinians there are two standards — one for Israel and none for Muslim societies which kill.

What Can Be Done In Darfur?

The International Criminal Court has rendered its verdict that Sudan leader President al-Bashir is a war criminal and like any good criminal his response is to fight back regardless of the cost to the people of Darfur. On one hand, the world is taking note that genocide can not be allowed, but, on the other hand, the world is not taking note of the cost of rendering such a verdict on willful killing of innocent people. Sudan has reacted by forcing aid agencies to withdraw in hope of making the situation so terrible it would compel the ICC to back off and either, withdraw the warrant, or delay its application. Dr. Philip Ejikon, a Dutch doctor, says with bitterness, “a lot of lives will be lost” because justice is being served. Many aid agencies believe al-Bashir deliberately targeted large aid agencies in order to exert the greatest pressure by making the world confront the possibility of large scale deaths.

There are solutions to issues raised by the issuance of warrants and the response of Sudan. One possible solution is to enforce an air and sea embargo on the movement of anyone in Sudan who tries to leave the nation. This would cause havoc to the Sudan economy and it would not require large numbers of military personnel to enforce such action. Does Barack Obama have the will in the midst of the current economic crisis to take such action? Does the European Union have the courage to take military action against Sudan?

Sudan Leader Dooms Thousands To Death!

Sudan leader Omar Hassan al-Bashir showed his defiance of the International Criminal Court warrant for his arrest by flying into the capital of Darfur to me met by cheering thousands of supporters who undoubtedly were rounded up to show they stood behind their president. His decision to expel some of the largest groups supplying aid to millions of refugees is bound to cause the death of thousands who are trapped in camps because they cannot return home. It is interesting that no prominent Muslim group has stepped up to denounce the actions of Bashir who threw out groups that were feeding and caring for Muslim people. The unwritten rule of Muslims is to denounce any Christian or Jew who commits an act they deem immoral, but to remain silent when Muslim leaders oppressive the innocent.

The assumption of al-Bashir’s action is undoubtedly a show of force since he does not believe any European power or the United States will take action against him. It is unfortunate that President Obama does not join with the European Union in declaring an air embargo of travel from Sudan until the aid organizations are allowed to return. Economic sanctions do not always work, but they might succeed in Sudan with relatively scant use of armed forces.

The bottom line is no one will really do anything to aid the oppressed people of Darfur.

Darfur Hypocrisy Of Muslim Africans And Arabs!

On one hand, Middle Eastern and African Muslims have decried actions by Israel which violate human rights and have resulted in the death of over 1,200 Gazans, but in the next breath, thousands demonstrate in support of a war criminal who has killed over 300,000 in Darfur and caused the rape of thousands of women. The Organization of Islamic Conference condemned the International Criminal Court for issuing a warrant for the arrest of Sudan President Omar al-Beshir. The organization argued the warrant would cause destabilization of the region, but it did urge Sudan to investigate charges of war crimes. Iran and Hamas officials arrived in Khartoum to pledge support for the war criminal.

The world can only note the hypocrisy of Hamas leaders who rant and rave against Israel for killing people in Gaza, but apparently the death of 300,000 is of no interest to them because defending a Muslim comes before defending oppressed people in the world. Naturally, there are no protests in European universities at the death of 300,000 people and rape of thousands of women. If an Israel soldier raped a single Arab women the streets of London would be filled with angry students. It is not surprising that Muslims in Africa and the Middle East remain silent at the death of innocent people because the only thing that is of concern to them is the cause of Palestinians.

Believe it or not one can be concerned about the rights of Palestinians and the rights of oppressed people in Darfur. How about Muslim trying to be concerned about oppression throughout the world instead of having selective anger?

Court Issues Warrant For Sudan President

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudan President Omar al-Beshir for his role in murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Darfur. The defiant ruler of Sudan who seized power 20 years ago is furious at the accusation and refuses to acknowledge any guilt for his actions. The ICC said the arrest warrant cited five counts of crimes against humanity which included: murder, extermination, forcible transfer, torture, rape and two counts of war crimes. Beshir has refused to cooperate with the court over their claim he is responsible for the death of 300,000 people. In his view, the warrant would “not be worth the ink it is written in.”

There is scant likelihood the Sudan president will actually be arrested in the near future. However, a precedent has been established that murder of innocent people can result in being charged in an international court of justice. Perhaps, this is a symbolic victory, but it is the first step on attempting to establish international processes of justice.

Criminal President Omar Bashir Dodges Arrest

President Omar al-Bashir is trying to rally his nation around him as the International Court of Justice(ICC) pursues efforts to arrest the man who is most responsible for the deaths of over 200,000 in Darfur and the raping of thousands of women. The ICC is expected to issue an warrant for his arrest this week charging him with genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The typical response of one who is guilty of crimes is to go on the offense and blame those who seek his arrest for also being guilty of crimes. “Where was international justice during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the bombing of Gaza, and crimes committed in the prisons of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib?” He charges it is a western plot against a true believer in the rights of Muslims.

In all fairness, President al-Bashir, has raised valid points concerning war crimes. Why doesn’t the International Court of Justice offer along with trying him to issue warrants for George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld for their war crimes? In this way, the world can put four criminals on trial and show people on planet Earth that no one is immune from being tried for war crimes. So, President Bashir, would you accept a trial before the ICC if the three American stooges were also placed on trial?

War Criminal Sudan President Bashir At Meeting

An eagerly awaited Turkish-African summit meeting is being overshadowed by the presence of Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir who has led his government’s genocidal policies against the people of Darfur. The International Criminal Court(ICC) Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno, has asked the court to issue an arrest warrant for Bashr on charges of genocide, war crimes an crimes against humanity. This is his first trip outside Sudan since issuance of the warrant and believers in human rights would like it served on the war criminal. The Turkish Foreign Ministry insisted “Bashir was invited to the summit as a leader of an African country and there is no arrest warrant against him at this moment.” Turkey has never accepted the ICC but is under pressure from the EU to join.

Perhaps, one day the rule of law will be prevalent throughout the world and gangsters like Bashir will not have opportunities to wander around enjoying visits to foreign lands. It is a sad day when a criminal like Bashir is allowed anywhere in the world.