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Britain Abandons Identity Card Scheme

British Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced the government would not implement a trial plan to compel workers at Manchester Airport and London City airport to carry ID cards regardless of their desire for such a form of identification. He also made clear there would not be any attempt by the current British government to compel citizens of the nation to wear any form of identify card. “Holding an identity card should be a personal choice for British citizens– just as it is for a passport.” Johnson said if any future British government should implement such a program it would be best be the result of legislation voted in Parliament rather than a decision by a prime minister.

Mr. Johnson indicated he might be willing to give those over the age of 75 an Identity Card. As a 78 year old, I find this last suggestion rather insulting. Believe it or not, Mr. Johnson, those of us over the age of 75 actually know our names, addresses and phone numbers. I suggest if anyone needs an identity card it would be members of Parliament.