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Are Soldiers And Militants The Only Dedicated People?

As one surveys the world it becomes apparent the only individuals who strong commitments are those engaged in some form of fighting and conflict. American soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan most probably have to convince themselves the years in these countries made some sense, if not, they are left with anger that five or seven or nine years of their precious life on Earth was spent doing nothing other than supervising chaos. Jihadists believe they the act of self destruction is a one way ticket to Heaven, and most probably, being greeted as heroes by bunch of dead men and women. Tea Party ranters ramble on and on about some belief “the government,” whatever that is, contains the source of all evil. They believe while the rest of America is absorbed in survival as jobs disappear. We can not believe in any program, any political party, any leader, because they do not believe in what they are doing. President Obama insists his programs are “too complicated” to be translated into simple English. In other words, his main belief is in the belief that what he believes can not be understood by anyone, including himself.

In the 1950s, Daniel Bell wrote a book about “The End of Ideology.” In one sense the book is accurate in that 90% of humans do not believe in any ideology other than making it to the next day. It is the lack of belief which results in meandering from one “solution” to the other. We really do not believe a new health care program will deal with health issues but we will go along with it as we go along with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As long as the new program does not impact our daily lives, we simply go on and on with our regular lives.

Sometimes, I wonder how my life would change if I could believe in a person or program. I used to believe in the power of democratic Socialism, but I forgot that people implement all programs, and once people are involved, it means most do it for the pay, not the principle. So, they meander through the new idea and within a year or so, the new has become the old.

Life goes on and on and on.