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Gaza Turmoil Threatens Peace Negotiations

Within a week after the departure of President Bush from the Middle East, there has been a surge in operations by the Israel Defense Force in Gaza including closure of crossings through which much needed supplies were being trucked by the United Nations UNRWA operation. President Abbas strongly criticized the Israel closure and his emotions revealed that Palestinian leaders were gravely concerned as to whether or not they could continue negotiations with Israel. “In these days,” he said, “we can only condemn gravely wha hapens in our cherished Gaza, the brutal a ttack on this cherished part of our land, every hour, which targets women, children and the elderly.” Kassam rockets continue hitting Israel and IDF forces are sweeping into Gaza seeking those who fire the weapons.

UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon urged restraint on the part of both sides asking for a cease in rocket attacks and an end to the closure of crossings. It is time for the UN to appoint a well known meditator like Nelson Mandela in order to bring together Israel and Hamas leaders, as well as President Abbas, in an effort to halt the rocket attacks and IDF attacks on Gaza. The Israel Defense Ministry claims there are sufficient food stocks in Gaza, a statement that bears slight resemblance to reality. The people of Gaza and the people of Israel need peace. The people of the Middle East may well wonder if there is a connection to the acceleration of IDF attacks and the Bush visit.

Gaza Rockets Fall On Israel, Israel Bombs Fall On Gaza

Israel prime Minister Ehud Olmeert vowed there will be an end to Kassam rocket fire from gaza or else. “We are not looking to fight in the Gaza Strip, we do not want to harm its residents and we have no special desire to kill any citizen. But, we will not and we cannot continue to suffere the endless Kassam rocket fire on cititizens of the st ate of Israel.” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livi argued Israel could defend its citizens not only through negotiations but by means of “uncompromising war” against Palestine attacks from Gaza. Earlier yesterday, Vice Premier Haim Ramon claimed Israel military action was beginning to have an impact and that Hamas leaders were now more interested in negotiations. A senior Hamas official was quoted by Israel radio on Wednesday as indicating a desire on the part of the Hamas government of Ismail Haniyeh to halt Kassem rocket fire.

A continual mistake on the part of Israel and other nations is failure to engage Hamas in a dialogue. The demand that all terrorist activity should cease prior to talks makes no sense. Once people are engaged in discussions they are more prone to consider the effect of ending terrorist activities. When all is said and done, Hamas does need to become part of a political process if it is to survive. The people of Gaza need some peace and that will only occur if Hamas talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.