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Does Intelligence Exist In The Israel Intelligence?

Once upon a time the world was impressed by an efficient and effective Israel army that could perform incredible feats of intelligence and daring in order to overcome problems such as the famed Entebbe raid which resulted in freeing airline passengers held hostage by Palestinian extremists. But, today, the world shakes its head in amazement at the incompetent performance displayed by the Israel Defense Force in the Three Stooges effort to halt some ships carrying civilians and supplies. Even Meir Dagan, head of the spy agency Mossad, warned that Israel is gradually being transformed from an asset into a liability for the American government. As he spoke, the Israel establishment swung into action refusing to admit any mistakes, blaming their adversaries, shouting the ever popular, “the world is against Jews” complaint and persuading the Israel public it is “them” not “us” who are to blame for an unmitigated military, political, and social disaster.

Top political leaders like Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Netanyahu held a two hour briefing last week and approved the operation. Both men formerly served in the elite commandos and share a fondness for secret operations. Commandos who participated in the operation claim they were told they would be confronting peace activists but no mention was made of the possibility some of the passengers might resort to violent opposition. The initial drop of four commandos became a disaster when difficulty arose trying to get more men on the ship. This resulted in the beating of these men by an enraged crowd.

Perhaps, one problem is the lack of interest on the part of the IDF in developing peaceful strategies of dealing with angry crowds. In simple English (or Hebrew) the entire plan failed. The entire Gaza blockade has failed in its goals of weakening Hamas. Every action of the IDF results in Hamas emerging as the victor, not the defeated. When will Israel learn the best way to confront those seeking a provocation is not to accept the bait, but to turn the tables on them. For example, what if Israel welcomed the ships, had a band playing, and as passengers got off their boats they were greeted by members of the IDF who gave each a hug, showed them where to store their supplies, and asked passengers to help them inspect what was delivered? Who would the world have praised?

Israel General Worried About Some Settlers

Israelis complain about Muslim fanatics who believe they alone possess the truth and regard anyone not of their belief to be an infidel who can be killed. Of course, within Israel there are Jewish extremists who believe God or someone gave them possession of certain areas and it is their right to expel anyone who gets in their way, including other Jews. Israel General Avi Mizrahi, is worried about the presence of extremists within the settlers group who are ready to initiate violence against Muslim regardless of the cost to their nation. “Most of the settlement movement is fine, very normal, but a mosque set on fire, another mosque set on fire, it all adds up.” He was citing recent mosque fires which, most probably, were caused by Israeli extremists.

General Mizrahi was specifically concerned about settlements in which religious fanatics “don’t believe in us as a state. They want something else, and when someone doesn’t know the limits anymore, you don’t know where it will all wind up.” A Jewish extremist who burns mosques, steals land from Palestinians and is ready to kill is no different from any Muslim fanatic. Both seek violence and destruction because both believe they alone know the truth.

Secret IDF Order Allows Palestinian Expulsion

Israelis become angry when comparisons are made between their behavior toward Palestinians and the Apartheid regime in South Africa. They insist making such comparisons is an expression of anti-Semitism and harbors a desire to end the Israel state. Haaretz reporters have uncovered a secret order for the Israel military which allows the Israel Defense Force(IDF) to expel thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank including even children who were born in that part of Palestine. For decades, Palestinians have been deprived of the right to travel and now the new order suggests they will be deprived of the right to live where they were born. Humans have the right to live where they desire. Anyone familiar with the history of anti-Semitism in the world knows that for hundreds of years Jews were deprived of the right to live where they desire.

Perhaps, the Israel government can explain a plan to move thousands of Palestinians from where they were born. Perhaps, the Israel government can explain what is different from their policies and those of the South African Boers. This is simply one more example of Israel refusal to work for peace. Israelis prefer living in the bunkers of fear rather than seek the sunlight of peace.

Freedom Of Press Under Attack In Israel!

Terrorism is the modern version of wrapping oneself in a flag and shouting that anyone who opposes your ideas is against the nation. An Israeli journalist, Anat Kam, goes on trial in the coming weeks on charges of while in the military service she copied secret documents and gave them to the newspaper, Haaretz. Her material led to a series entitled, “License to Kill” which described how the Israel Defense Force(IDF) had been carrying out assassinations of Palestinian militants in the West Bank even though a high court had ruled before use of force every effort should be made to first arrest suspected militants rather than killing them. One story described how senior Israel generals discussed a mission to assassinate Ziad Subahi Mahmad Malaisha, a senior leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Malaisha was killed in June.

The issue, as always, deals with “national security.” This is the same excuse used by President Obama to justify keeping in place Bush rules about not allowing the world to know when the American government violates the law. It is quite clear the Israel army does not wish its dirty laundry to be washed in public.

Dov Alfon, editor of Haaretz, stated what any believer in democracy thinks: “Israel is still a democracy and therefore we intend to continue to publish whatever public interest demands and our reporters can reveal.”

Peace Or Possible War Says Barak!

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned on Monday that the stalled peace process with
Syria holds potential danger for the outbreak of war. “In the absence of an arrangement with Syria, we are liable to enter a belligerent clash with it that could reach the point of an all-out regional war.” He pointed out to officers of the IDF that if such a war occurred, at the end, Israel would still have to sit down with Syria and negotiate about the same issues that currently are not resolved. He also warned them Syria might mistake the situation and believe it could defeat Israel, an attitude which although incorrect, would be dangerous for peace in the Middle East.

He also noted Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had received the IDF report on Gaza and was pleased at Israel’s desire to pursue an investigation into allegations contained in the Goldstone report. Barak is on the right track and hopefully will uncover any examples in which IDF forces violated international law. If there is no such evidence then it must be reported to the world.

Turkey Intends To Tell It Like It Is!

During the past several decades, Israel’s main ally among Muslim nations was Turkey. Both nations cooperated on military matters and Turkey went out of its way to support the existence of Israel although that stance damaged its relations with Muslim nations. However, during the past few years, the people of Israel have voted into power right wing demagogues who preach the greatness of Israel regardless of how their policies impact the lives of Palestinians. The disastrous invasion of Gaza simply was even too much for Turkey and its leaders denounced the assault on individual rights.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan reacted angrily to Israel complaints that a TV program depicted the Israel Defense Force in a negative manner. The program showed Israel soldiers killing children. Robert Goldstone urged Israel to conduct its own investigation of claims that civilians were killed in Gaza. But, Israel continues insisting it has never made a mistake and turned down his offer. What exactly did Israel expect would be the Muslim reaction to its policy of denial?

Israel- But What About You?

Amira Hass, writing in Haaretz, notes there is a tendency on the part of Israeli leaders to admit to minor mistakes, but immediately deny their troops did anything wrong, and, if they did, what about your mistakes! A soldier contacted Haaretz to deny a story from a Palestinian woman that IDf forces killed her husband and child, and added, the only mistake made by the IDA was to scrawl “stupid things on the wall, and that’s really not right.” If there are photo of civilians being killed in Gaza, the response is the photographs were doctored, if Judge Richard Goldstone was competent to work for the International Criminal Court on major cases in Yugoslavia or Rwanda, the truth is he is nothing but an anti-semite.

As Hass notes, “we Israelis continue thinking it’s the world that is wrong, and only we who are right.” Yes, that is the problem. The wise policy is to not just to admit mistakes, but to take immediate action to punish those who violated the rules of war –even before any UN investigation began.

The world frequently treats Israel in an unfair manner. But, that does not translate into Israel always being right.

UN Report–Plague On Both Heads

Judge Richard Goldstone who was asked by the UN to investigate Israel’s invasion of Gaza is expected to hand down a report which, in essence, says a plague on both your houses. Israel refused to cooperate with his 15 member commission on grounds one nation was being singled out while countries such as Sri Lanka which have violated human rights for years have gotten a pass. The commission is expected to condemn Israel for human rights violations during its invasion of Gaza, but it also will criticize Hamas for bombarding Israel for years with over 12,000 rockets.

Israel has conceded that at least 1166 Palestinians died during the fighting while only nine Israelis were killed of whom three were civilians. Any impartial study of this conflict must conclude that while Israel had justification for taking action in light of constant rocket attacks, the death of 1166 Palestinians of whom the majority were civilian, is a response that went too far. There simply were too many examples of killing civilians due to excessive force by the IDF.

IDF Warned-Beware Ugly Americans

The Israel Defense Force has been warned by the government to avoid making planned arrests if any American diplomats are in the vicinity in order to pretend that Israel does not harass Palestinians. “We were told that the situation with the Americans is sensitive and that it is not desirable that operations are conducted that would lead to violent situations when they(the Americans) are there”according to an Israel officer.

The United States is not interested in preventing the IDF from carrying out legitimate operations dealing with actual terrorists, but the Obama administration wants an end to senseless harassment of Palestinians and preventing them from going on with their normal lives. That is termed, acting with decency and respect for the rights of people.

Is It Anti-Swedish To Claim Aftonbladet Run By Bigots?

The newspaper Aftonbladet has been reported to the Chancellor of Justice for its story about Israel Defense Forces harvesting Palestinian organs after killing people. Asa Linderborg, cultural editor of the paper, is upset. “Is that true? I am perplexed. I think it is a shame that whenever solidarity is shown for the Palestinians and criticism is directed against Israel, someone cries anti-Semitism. One has a right to ask questions.”

Yes, one has a right to ask questions particularly to a newspaper which smears an entire nation on the basis of rumor, not evidence. Ibrahim Ghanem, a relative of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem who was at the center of the story, apparently is also confused and perplexed by the story. “Maybe the journalist reached the conclusion on the basis of stitches he saw on the body.” As far as the family is concerned no organs were taken from the body and the only thing missing were teeth.

As a blog which strongly supports the right of Palestinian people to have their own nation, we believe smear jobs like that of Aftonbladet damage the rights of Palestinians. The last thing needed is to spread hysteria and further strengthen forces who oppose peace and reconciliation with Israel. On the Israel side are bigots like Avigdor Lieberman, and on the other side are bigots like Aftonbladet.