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Has America’s Drug Policy Failed?

If an alien anthropologist ever visited planet Earth the among the most baffling issues it would encounter is our policy toward use of drugs. Alcohol or smoking are legal even though they both give “highs” to people as are many drugs such as Prozac, but drugs like marijuana are illegal because they give “highs” to people. The Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy issued a blistering report on drug policies now functioning in this hemisphere. It cites the prohibitionist policy of forbidding drugs has wrecked havoc throughout the region generating crime, violence and corruption on a massive scale. The only comparable event was the American experiment with Prohibition which made liquor illegal.

The prohibitionist approach simply has not worked. Mexico is a nation nation caught up in a a virtual civil war in which the criminals can out-gun the police. It is time to approach the problem in a realistic manner and allow people to access drugs legally and with possibilities of receiving medical assistance for their drug use.