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National Guard To Mexican Border

Over a thousand members of the National Guard will be deployed to guard the borders of America against an influx of those illegal immigrants from Mexico. President Obama has decided, once again, to try out Bush ideas in order to solve problems. He has retained Bush anti-terrorism laws and now will copy his predecessor who once sent a few thousand National Guardsmen to the border with about 1,200 being deployed. Governor Perry of Texas, who has already threatened to secede from the United States if they continue passing SOCIALIST ideas like health insurance, is pleased, but wants even more troops on the border. Ironically, a recent CNN poll indicates that 88% of Americans are ready to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who have been in America for years, have paid taxes and are working. Perry wants “boots on the ground, ” great, but exactly how many boots on the ground is needed in order to prevent immigrants from getting across the border? The United States has 145,000 boots on the ground in Iraq and over a 100,000 in Afghanistan without witnessing great improvements in preventing Taliban insurgents from going where they damn well please.

One solution to the illegal immigrants would be to take the 240,000 troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and send them to guard the border with Mexico. At least no one will be shooting at the Americans– or at least, we hope they will not. On the other hand, how about re-instituting the draft and get about 2,000.000 boots on the ground at our borders. Of course, a simple suggestion would be to invite a million immigrants from Mexico to enter America, join our armed forces and go to the border and prevent their brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles from coming across the border.

Boycott Arizona Or Challenge It?

The Arizona law which requires “suspicious looking people” to have an ID in order to prevent detention and possible deportation has aroused a storm of protest and threats of boycott. The Los Angeles City Council voted 13 -1 to boycott the state of Arizona and cut off millions of dollars in purchases. Ed Reyes, a member of the Council, expressed feeling by noting, “under the new law, as an American, I cannot go to Arizona without a passport” because I might be arrested. A boycott is one weapon, but we suggest a few others that might be appropriate.

1. State troopers could compel anyone trying to enter the state of California to produce ID proving the person is legal citizen of America.
2. People not born in California could have legislation passed which compelled those not official California residents to have a picture ID on their clothes in order to separate legals from non-legals.
3. Any plane coming from an Arizona airport must be piloted by an individual who carries a copy of his birth certificate before being able to taxi the plane in for deplaning.

Show The Papers, Show The Birth Certificate!

Police are wandering the streets of Arizona seeking anyone with a swarthy skin who is not carrying any papers. OK, so some Hispanic or Mexican or Cuban or Puerto Rican was born in the United States, the real issue is how does this nation protect itself from itself. There are rumors circulating that Governor Brewer of Arizona is dispatching state police to Washington D.C. in order to await the president existing from the White House in order that they might halt his cars and demand evidence that he was born in America. After all, if we are checking out “them people” from south of the border, how about “that guy” who was born in Africa. As far as we know, gorillas in Africa do not issue birth certificates so it is certain that Barack Obama does NOT have a birth certificate!

It is time we began to extend the concept of identify papers to preschoolers. Imagine if your little son or daughter was in a preschool in which there were children who were illegal immigrants? Save your child from being infected by the illegals, demand President Obama prove he is an American, vote for Rush and Sarah and Glenn, the only real Americans.

Come to think about it, none of these illustrious leaders ever served in the armed forces. I wonder why.

I Went For The Groceries And Forgot My Passport!

Last night I had a nightmare of going to get some milk and cheese when I was halted by the police who wanted me to produce a passport or birth certificate proving I was a natural born, God-fearing American and I could not. My main problem in modern times is a propensity during the summer to become very dark skinned– my mother’s nickname for me was, “the little black boy.” But, these days, someone might mistake me for one of “them people,” you know, them illegal immigrants. How do I prove to some cop in Missouri that my accent is not from Mexico, but from the alien land of the Bronx? This summer I expect to spend time at the pool, and must now consider when sitting in a lounge chair, dare I risk not having my passport or birth certificate with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand concerns about “them illegals” taking jobs from “we Americans.” I am rather upset “those people” work in meat packing jobs which means, at age 79, no one will hire me in Omaha, Nebraska, let alone can I get hired doing garden work. I was so looking forward in my retirement to that meat packing job, but those foreigners will get it.

My question to Republicans and Tea Party folk who support checking on “them people,” is: exactly how many Tea Party folk does it take to build a fence around America?

Arizona’s Illegal Law About Illegal Immigrants

There are approximately eleven million so-called illegal immigrants in the United States of America, and the state of Arizona has decided to assume the task of deciding how the nation deals with immigrants. Of course, the issue of immigration ordinarily is the responsibility of the federal government, but, what the heck, we of Arizona will handle the situation. President Obama wryly noted, “our failure to act responsible at the federal level will open the door to irresponsibility by others. This includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona.” The state of Arizona passed a law which allows police to examine people in the streets in order to determine who is or is not an illegal immigrant. Governor Jan Brewer believes this is a responsibility of local police, not the federal government.

Police these days must deal with drugs being used by people, and now they must, at least in Arizona, wonder which person in the street is an illegal immigrant. Has anyone in Arizona figured out by so doing, they have added an incredible burden to the job of police? Gee, let’s get us some illegal immigrants today, the heck with criminals robbing stores! We got a life one, an illegal immigrant!

Do All Children Have A Right To Education?

If one seeks to arouse the fury of conservatives simply raise the issue of rights that illegal immigrants should be provided. The issue of illegal immigrant children in Sweden has created conflict since conservatives oppose allowing undocumented children to attend school on grounds it is financially damaging to society. The Swedish government has taken a different stance. Education Minister Jan Bjorklund clearly stated her views on children rights. “We reason all children in the world, regardless of where they live, and regardless of their parents rights and wrongs have a right to a school education.”

These words will not be greeted with approval by the opponents of illegal immigrants. Inherent in their arguments against allowing children of illegal immigrants into school is failure to examine the alternative. Do they prefer that these children be on the streets of their towns? Do they prefer these children fall under the influence of radicals or criminals?

Actually, the least expensive way to handle children of illegal immigrants is providing them free education.

One Refugee Stays, Thousands Depart!

The world of a refugee is often the luck of the draw in determining who is allowed to remain and who must quickly depart. Three years ago, a penniless and illiterate 14 year-old boy from Afghanistan was dumped by people smugglers in the streets of Lille. Today, Shariff Hasanzade is the French amateur super-lightweight boxing champion of the country. Ironically, the new champion is also an illegal immigrant who technically should be deported. On his arrival in France, he was placed in a local school and one day stumbled into boxing and soon learned to become very proficient at what began as a hobby. A day after he won the boxing championship, Immigration MinisterEric Besson, announced, “Starting now, Sharif Hassanzade can apply… to obtain his residency permit and start, if he so wishes, the procedure to become a citizen.”

The story merely illustrates that when immigrants have something to offer the new country they are welcomed, but if they simply are an unskilled worker whose only contribution is doing work that ordinary citizens would not be caught doing, then they are asked to depart. It is the luck of the draw and these days as unemployment rises, thousands of illegal immigrants will be leaving.

Illegal Immigrants On Hunger Strike In Belgium

Groups of illegal immigrants in Belgium have resorted to hunger strikes because their applications for residency have not been granted. A doctor warned the condition of many was now entering a serious stage. The immigrants come from a wide range of the world including African nations, Brazil, and Iran. Many of them are either waiting to hear about their request for residency or have been rejected and face deportation to possible dangerous situations. On Tuesday, seventy immigrants accepted a deal under which they secured ninety day visas in return for ending the hunger strikes. Their protests have spurred church organizations and human rights groups to urge the Belgium government to grant a blanket immunity and allow them to obtain a visa. Belgium last granted such an amnesty in 2000.

As always in these situations, right wing groups want firm action and accuse the government of being soft on illegal immigrants whom they consider to be criminals. The world is witnessing a vast migration of people and the situation will become even more prevalent as European nations age and lack young people to do the work necessary in modern societies.

A Story About Two Illegal Immigrants

They were nameless men who had made the treacherous journey from North Africa to the supposed safety and good life awaiting them in Europe. A meeting with smugglers, a trip across water, huddled on the banks of a sea line in a new world, mumbled words of advice, and the goodbye on some lonely road leading to nowhere. Two men, strangers in a strange land, knowing a few people but uncertain exactly how to reach them. Somehow, they made i to Belgium and tried finding work, but, they were rounded up by a police dragnet and swept into a building in a place called, “internment center.”

Weeks passed, sitting on a cot, eating food at certain hours of the day, listening to the sounds of children weeping or laughing, and exchanging hopeful dreams with other men. Summer, it was hot, the place reeked of smells that invariably occur when hundreds are thrust into something called an “internment camp.”

One day, the two nameless men could take no more. They scrambled to the top of a building and threatened to fling themselves down. The police arrived and a man who spoke their tongue quietly exchanged soothing words of hope. They came down. They could hear the sounds of people below them shouting, screaming, smashing windows and furniture.

It was just another day in an internment camp. No one died. The two nameless men sat on their cots– waiting for Godot.

Illegal Immigrants Strike In EU

Nearly 240 illegal immigrants went on a hunger strike as the European Union’s 27 member states were putting the final touches on a new document which allows governments to detain illegal immigrants for up to 18 months and then prevent them from re-entering the EU for up to five years. The illegals are bunkered down in a church in Brussells while not far away EU officials are prepared to tell them they are not welcome and must leave. A man named Mohad from Algeria said he has been on the hunger strike snce May 8 and already had spent nearly two years in a migrant detention camp located in the Netherlands. “The European Community is not human,” was his plaintive comment.

Most of the migrants complained about being treated like criminals even though their only desire is for work and to be a productive human. At present, the cap in nations like Spain is 40 days and in Belgium it is eight months so the proposed legislation would allow immigrants to be detained much longer than most existing laws by member nations.

An EU spokesperson put it honestly about the attitude toward illegal immigrants: “If they arrive here, it’s not going to be paradise.” It is doubtful if any illegal immigrant seeks paradise, but how about an opportunity to work hard?