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Death In Iran For Saying No To Ahamdinejad

There are reports an Iranian man has been sentenced to death for taking part in anti-government protests earlier this year. AliZamini has confessed to being part of a plot which aimed to overthrow Iran’s Islamic system of government led by President Ahmadinejad. Over 100 were arrested who protested against the fraudulent election of Ahmadinejad, but this is the first example of anyone being sentenced to death. The indictment of Al-Zamini accused him of meeting with American military figures and joining in the plot to restore to power the Shah. A group known as the Iran Monarchy Committee(IMC) is supposedly behind this plan to end the Islamic system and bring back the shah.

A spokesperson for the IMC admits Al-Zamini had worked for the group, but insists there was no plot to overthrown the government of Iran. Most probably Al-Zama was tortured into admitting he was anti-religious and wanted to distribute copies of The Satanic Verses and other such materials.