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Denmark Needs Foreigners!

The issue of too many foreigners within the United States is among the most hotly
debated topics, but in many nations like Denmark, the opposite discussion is
occurring as the government looks at figures and realizes there simply are not
enough native born Danes to staff the work force. The Copenhagen Institute for
Future Studies is calling for relaxing immigration laws because there is a short
fall of about 100,000 jobs in the coming years that can only be filled by foreign
workers. A suggestion that is receiving greater attention is identifying nations,
like the United States in which millions of young workers can not find acceptable
jobs, and entice them to live in Denmark.

The issue has never been illegal or legal immigrants. The issue is identifying
people from other lands who either have the knowledge or are willing to work
at society’s dirty jobs and allow them to enter the United States. The need for
workers will be a central issue in many societies in this century.

Swedish Macho Party Doesn’t Want Immigrants

Fredrik Hansson made what he considered a reasonable statement by declaring himself in favor of a new Center in town that would serve the needs of immigrants. Unfortunately, for him, and the town, Sweden’s Democrat Party reacted with fury at the idea one should provide facilities for new arrivals in the nation. His name was wiped clean from the slate of candidates. A spokesperson for the party declared: “His remarks contradict the party’s program.” Mr. Hansson thought the entire issue was silly and shrugged it off with “I’d thought I’d stir the macho pot.”

Sweden, like many European nations has an population that is growing old and there are fewer and fewer young people who work and provide taxes to care for the elderly. This is not an issue of being macho or not, it is common sense to allow immigrants to enter Sweden unless there is a national effort to have women produce more babies.

Crime And The Immigrant

At the turn of the twentieth century, American newspapers gleefully reported crimes committed by newly arrived Jewish and Italian immigrants charging the United States was being overwhelmed by these new arrivals to the nation. The chief of police in Moscow acknowledges that “many people from other cities who come to work in the capital at the moment when the crisis started found themselves without jobs, but he also noted an increasingly high percentage of crimes committed in Moscow are caused by migrants. Reports also indicate during the past year 116 people were injured and 27 killed as a result of racist attacks on these migrants. A total of 62 attacks on people of “non-Slavic” appearance were registered in the city last year, including 26 murders.

There is nothing new about crime and immigrants. This is common in virtually every city in the world which is experiencing an influx of migrants from other areas. Unfortunately, a world wide recession only makes worse opportunities for immigrants to obtain work. If people are working, crime rates decline.

Are Immigrants A Risk Factor?

HSB Skare asked housing associations to assist their process in identifying which factors create a high risk in the health and safety environment of various of their properties. They simply wanted to get a sense of factors which might serve to reduce the health of its tenants. Among the 39 items on the list that housing associations examined was the word, “immigrants.” It is not that HSB has anything against immigrants, but they thought the presence of immigrants might be viewed by their clients as a risk factor. A spokesman from HSB admitted using the word was an example of “poorly formulating” what they were after. And, he added, “it is not the case that we consider immigrants to be a risk factor in the working environment.”

I assume some of the best friends of the spokesman are immigrants, not that he would like to have them as neighbors. Of course, there was nothing sinister in posing the question as to whether the presence of immigrants created an unhealthy work environment. How about “wealthy businessmen” on the list or “members of the royalty.” After all, they will never become your best friends.

What Thinks Turkish-Germans About Life?

The first ever intensive study to compare attitudes of Germans, German-Turks, and people of Turkey revealed some fascinating differences as well as evidence living in Germany does lead to some changes in cultural attitudes. There are about three million people of Turkish background currently living in Germany, many of whom were born in that nation or have lived there for decades. A high percent of Turkish-Germans admit to frequently feeling out of place in Germany and more than half express the desire at some point in their lives of going back to Turkey, but it is unclear as to whether that means for visits or for permanent residency. About 61% were either born in Germany or have lived there for at least thirty years. A surprising revelation was how many expressed the view that while in Germany they are conscious of their Turkish heritage, but when visiting Turkey they realize how much the German experience has impacted their way of thinking.

The study reveals most Turkish Germans do not have the same open attitudes towards gays or abortion, but a much higher percent accept those ideas compared to those born and raised in Turkey. A significant factor suggests Turkish Germans allow parents greater influence in making life choices such as who to marry than do Germans. However, once again, Turkish Germans are more liberal minded than their relatives in Turkey.

Perhaps, the most fascinating aspect of the study is how different are Turkish youth from immigrant children raised in America. Historically, children of immigrants in America are more liberal and open minded than parents, but it appears there is a swing toward a more conservative religious stance on the part of Turkish immigrant children. There is no question immigrants in Germany have yet to become more thoroughly ingrained with their nation’s values than what is found in other societies such as the United States.

Swedish Teenagers Assault Iraq Refugees

The world of Europe has been changing since the end of World War II as millions of people from various regions of the world head for Europe in search of jobs and a better standard of living. Nations like Sweden which were fairly homogeneous places lacking much contact with non-Christians or people with darker colored skins have been confronted with the need to learn how to live with ‘the stranger.” Several months ago, an Iraqi boy migrant to Sweden was accused by students of his school of assaulting a Swedish girl. A group of thirty to fifty teenage boys and girls followed the boy home, surrounded his apartment building and threw rocks and hurled insults threatening violence to the Iraqi migrants. Police escorted about 40 people from the building to safety.

Only two teenage girls, aged sixteen and seventeen were charged with a crime. For some reason, a crowd of three dozen children can gather in public in Sweden, throw stones and threaten innocent people and the police could only identify two kids to charge with a crime. Is there something rotten in the state of Sweden? Why did people have to be escorted from their homes? Why weren’t forty kids escorted to jail? Just asking?

Is Integration Working In Sweden?

There is a growing controversy in Sweden over the fact that many areas of the nation possess high concentrations of immigrants and this raises questions as to whether integration is succeeding in the nation. Anders Lago, Mayor of Soertaije, believes “what the statistics show is that our integration policies have totally failed” and noted how many districts might have as high as 84% of its inhabitants be from other nations.

Sweden is experiencing what nations like the United States have confronted for over 150 years. It may be too quick to rush to judgments as to whether integration polices have failed. It is normal for immigrants initially to head for areas where they can find fellow-countrymen and this might necessitate a few decades of living with your own kind. However, it is in the generation of those born in a society where one learns about success or failure of integration. If children feel “Swedish” then integration is on the road to success.

Immigrants And Learning Language

The learning of a language when an individual migrates to a new nation is critically important in initiating the process of integration. I was raised in an immigrant family in which neither of my parents could speak English on arrival, but they took night classes and learned English in the course of daily life. Canada’s citizenship minister is concerned because “only a quarter of newcomers are enrolling in the programs that are offered by organizations…Common sense just tells me that 25 percent is too low and we’d like to see more people enrolling.” He fears children will grow up in neighborhoods in which old ways dominate over Canadian ones. jason Kenney wants to ensure immigrants understand Canadian history and values.

The good news is that most immigrant children absorb their new country’s past as well as its language. The bad news is that parents will always lag behind children in becoming emotionally and intellectually part of their new society. Perhaps, it is time for Canada to explore alternative strategies that lead to learning language as well as to becoming part of the Canadian experience. But, history suggests in most societies the process is never 100% successful.

Swedish Social Democrats Secret Bigots!

A radio station planted three of its people in local chapters of the Swedish Social Democrats in order to discover what they thought about immigrants. Outwardly, the Social Democrats have been championing the rights of immigrants, but reporters quickly found out the real thinking of these supposed defenders of human rights. During one-third of the meetings attended by the undercover journalists, members of the Social Democrats made racist or anti-immigrant remarks. Among the comments were statements that immigrants were not loyal to the country of Sweden, they did not want to pay taxes and they would rather take black-market jobs. “Those who come from these countries,” said one laughing Social Democrat, “they’re pretty raw and real savages…it’s in their nature.”

A member of the Swedish parliament claimed immigrants from Afghanistan had “2,000 parasites on their body. Not even our dogs have that many.” Naturally, the Swedish Democratic Party argued the comments were taken out of context and they were few in number.

Yes, it is the fault of those damn reporters for reporting what was said!!

Riots In Greece As Immigrants Clash With Police

Greece has become a port of entry to migrants from Africa and the Middle East who seek to become part of the European Union success story. Yesterday, Greek police clashed with immigrants in the port of Patras after an immigrant was struck by a truck driver. The immigrants apparently thought it was a deliberate action and they poured into the streets in search of revenge. Patras has become a gathering point for immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and Asian immigrants who seek to hop across the Adriatic and find work in Italy. Last month there were demonstrations by truck drives who complained immigrants constantly sought to hitch rides and this frequently resulted in violence.

Perhaps, it is time for the African Union to sit down with the European Union in an effort to organize the process of immigration. This is not an issue that will disappear. In fact, as the economic crisis deepens we can expect even more violent demonstrations and anger on the part of all involved in the immigrant problem.