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Segregation Increases For Immigrants In Sweden

Sweden in 2008 experienced its highest level of immigration with most newcomers arriving from Africa and Asia. A recent report observed that immigrants from these areas are behind those born in the European Union in areas such as “eduction, the job market and living arrangements.” Satistics Sweden(SCB)s was surprised at the extent of segregation these individuals were experiencing once arrived in their new homeland. A particular problem noted Lotta Persson of SCB is “they are not eligible in the same was as other groups for upper secondary education, as they are not achieving the right grades, even though we take into account how long they have been in Sweden.” Ironically, immigrants from Africa have rather good education backgrounds but they are more often found in low skilled work.

Sweden has its own version of “white flight” as native born Swedes move from neighborhoods containing a high proportion of immigrants from Asia and Africa. Persson states bluntly: “they are definitely discriminated against in society. This discrimination may be one of the reasons for segregation as it might be m ore difficult for them to get loans to buy a house.”

Ironically, the same reasons for discrimination exist in Sweden as in America and the same consequences are also found-difficulty in securing loans to purchase a house.

Finland Rethinking Immigration Needs

Astrid Thors, Finland’s Minister of Immigration, believes there are immigrant needs that must be addressed. Her nation, most probably for the first time in its history, is witnessing a large scale immigration of people from Africa and other parts of the world. She believes there are gaps in services provided immigrants. Immigrants require more information about Finland as a nation and its culture, and the issue of language remains significant in determining success as an immigrant. Finland’s Constitution makes Finnish and Swedish the two national languages because of their historical development.

Minister Thors points out Finnish law does not make immigrants eligible for state supplied education or provide teaching students from the same ethnic group, there must be mixed groups for education. She has received numerous complaints from immigrants about their inability to obtain language education. She expressed concern that Finland has the highest level of unemployed immigrants of any EU nation.

Greek Schools Fail Meeting Needs Of Migrant Children

A recent study of Greek teachers and 16,000 immigrant pupils found that the 260 secondary schools that hold regular Greek classes for the immigrant children have witnessed a marked improvement in the academic performance of those students. However, it is more common that Greek schools ignore the needs of migrant children and fail to even address language needs such as ensuring all immigrant children have access to Greek language instruction. Most schools continue using textbooks that reinforce the idea of a monoculture rather than ensure that there is information about the range of groups currently living in Greece.

The study of successful integration is titled, “The Integration of Repatriated Greeks and Immigrant Children into Secondary Education,” allowed many teachers an opportunity to discuss issues of multiculturalism. The author of the study stated bluntly, “most textbooks do not take account of the multicultural nature of our society.”

Sweden Funds New Immigrants

Many nations are dealing with world wide rises in immigration by either denying their presence or taking harsh steps to get rid of those who were not born in the nation. Sweden has decided to confront its immigration by developing a coordinated plan for economic assistance and integration. The Swedish government intend to spend nearly $300 million to aid the integration of newly arrived immigrants within society. It currently takes years for an adult immigrant to find suitable work resulting in an employment rate that is 10% lower than that of native born Swedes. A more logical approach to immigrants is one based on quickly getting them into jobs so they do not linger on welfare rolls and Swedish authorities hope this will attain this long term goal.

An important component of the program is setting aside funding that will allow immigrants to enter colleges or training programs in order to obtain necessary skills for employment. There will also be additional funds to improve the effectiveness of Swedish courses for immigrants.

Norway Welcomes Immigrants

At a time when most nations of the world are imposing restrictions on immigrants, Norway is reaching out to encourage refugees to seek a home on its shores. The immigration service of Norway is even publishing what some critics term a “recipe” for winning asylum in the country. Asylum seekers can obtain a higher score if they are homosexuals or if they come from Iraq and face dangers of death at the hands of militants. Immigrants are being encouraged to be part of a woman’s network either in their own land or as part of some international group.

Not only is Norway offering immigrants an opportunity to find safety in its country but government officials are reaching out to Norwegian towns and urging them to provide housing and other benefits in order to assist newcomers secure an affordable life in Norway. The Norwegian approach stands in sharp contrast to that of many other nations

Trouble In Africa Translates To More Immigrants!

The remarkable success of the European Union over the past few decades has resulted in hope among Africans for an opportunity to participate in the rise in wealth. Each year thousands of immigrants from Africa make the perilous voyage across the Mediterranean in search of the dream of a new life. Last week, there was a coup in Mauritania when members of the military threw out the president and took power. Spanish authorities immediately made note of a sharp rise in the number of immigrants from Mauritania seeking to migrate to their land. Within a week after the coup, authorities intercepted at least 333 people who fled Mauritania in hope they can find work and a decent life in Spain.

The usual route for migrants from Mauritania is heading toward the Canary Islands and then finding a way to get to Spain. Another route is across the Sahara Desert which has resulted in the death of untold numbers who never complete the journey.

Thousands will continue to flee until nations of the world focus on economic development in African nations. Violence invariably leads to flight as witness over a million Zimbabweans who have fled to South Africa. It is time for economic programs that produce jobs in Africa.

Immigrants To Denmark-Who Is Happy? Unhappy?

In 2001, a Conservative-Liberal government assumed power and promised the people of Denmark it would take action to reduce immigration.In 2001, the Immigration service issued 36,000 permanent and temporary residence permits, in 2007, it issued 58,000. In order to make it more difficult to obtain “family reunification residence permits,” age limits were established as well as more stringent rules to ensure immigrants would have greater ties to Denmark than to any other nation. It is now clear there are loop holes in immigration polices such as having foreign nationals study temporarily in Denmark.

Denmark is encountering dramatic increases in the number of immigrants who are entering with study and work permits from nations like Turkey, Pakistan and other areas which have strong contingents already established in Denmark. The push for immigrants comes from businessmen who need workers they just can not find in Denmark. Universities are anxious to increase enrollments and they are reaching out to other parts of the world for students.

The modern world of post industrial societies always shows the same pattern. Business simply can not obtain the needed workforce from existing communities and reaches out across national borders. The unasked question is what would happen if there was a dramatic economic collapse.

Norway Immigration Population Increases

The world has been witnessing a tremendous dispersal of people to every region of the planet including such northern climes as Norway. During the past decade, Oslo, capital of the nation, has witnessed a remarkable spurt in its immigrant population which have quickly become an indispensable component of the nation’s ability to raise economic standards. Immigrants in Oslo now number 85,50 of the city’s 560,484 population which means one out of four people in the capital were not born in Norway. People from Pakistan lead with 20,00 and there are 9,000 from Somalia with east Europeans comprising about 19,000 in number. Earling Lae, head of the Oslo Municipal Executive Board, comments “It doesn’t matter where they’re coming from, but that they’re doing well and have a job. And most do.”

In the modern world as living standards rise, people in post industrial societies need immigrants to do the work they will not do. As nations grasp this basic factor of post industrialism, fear of immigrants will decrease.

Hermit Nation Ready To Open Doors To World

Japan historically has regarded itself as a hermit nation which intends to block out foreigners from becoming an important factor in their closed society. But, a rapidly declining population, a growing percent of people who are retired, has raised new issues regarding the future of a Japan which blocks out the world. In a surprising move, 80 legislators of the Liberal Democratic Party issues a proposal to dramatically alter Japanese immigration laws by encouraging foreigners to reside in their nation. “There is no effective cure to save Japan from a population crisis,” says their proposal. “In order for Japan to survive, it must open its doors as an international state to the world and shift toward establishing an ‘immigrant nation’ by accepting immigrants and revitalizing Japan.”

Japan currently has about 2.8 million foreigners residing in the country but only 837,000 are considered permanent residents. The lawmakers want to increase the ratio of immigrants so by 2050 they would constitute 10% of the population. They are proposing that any foreigner who resides in Japan for 10 years should be granted citizenship.

The increased life expectancy in Japan which is now over 80 years, and the decline in birth rate means there are fewer people working to maintain the lives of elderly people in a proper manner. The only hope is immigration which also would stimulate Japanese thinking and innovation.

Italy Faces A World Without Romanians!

The last Italian election witnessed a dramatic victory for those who want to get rid of immigrants who they claim are the cause of crime in the nation. The coalition government of Silvio Berlusconi promised to crackdown on immigrants and supposedly replace them with good Italian workers. Unfortunately, after the rhetoric, the nation awoke to the reality that immigrants constitute an important component of the workforce. It appears the hundreds of thousands of those “unwanted immigrants” clean Italian middle class houses, they pick up the garbage and care for children while mom and pop are out making money to afford a nice lifestyle. It is estimated in Rome alone, about 100,000 foreigners care for the old and disabled and are most probably in Italy without proper credentials.

It is estimated there are about 3.5 million immigrants in a nation of 58 million people. The largest contingent of immigrants are Romanians and they tend to be the target of most anger because it is alleged Romas are responsible for crime even though there are no accurate records as to the percent of crime caused by this group of immigrants.

The new coalition is now toning down its record as they realize it is easy to shout during an election to rid the nation of immigrants but difficult to carry out the threat when there are not enough native born Italians to pick up the work slack. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, who probably shouted the loudest in denouncing immigrants, is now saying they will only jail newcomers and leave alone those already in Italy.