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Will Bigots Triumph In Arizona?

Arizona has gone on record of being a state run by those who are blatant bigots and unaware of the United States Constitution. We can assume Tea Party fanatics helped push State Bill 1070 through the legislature and establish a new precedent in American history under which police have unlimited power to stop, question and search anyone who appears to them as not a legal citizen of the United States. I assume this means we should carry on our shirts evidence that we are citizens. Major League baseball players are furious at this insult to the 27% of its players who come from Hispanic areas of the Western Hemisphere. Many families live in Arizona while the father is playing ball, and of those, X% are not legal residents. How will a player feel on coming home to discover his wife has been deported to Mexico?

The Major League Baseball Players Association went on record of their hope, “the law is repealed.” Many are asking that the All Star game scheduled for Phoenix be changed in order to send a message to the bigots of Arizona.

Oh, where is the man who is always boasting of his determination not to go along with teh crowd but to stand apart as a maverick? John, your silence on this issue is deafening.