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British Immigration Scheme Redesigned

There was a point in the past when poor people lacking any skills beyond the desire to work hard and become productive citizens was characteristic of those allowed to be accepted as immigrants, but that was then, and now we are at a different place in time. The British government will soon announce a new immigration system that is “points-based” and contains much tighter rules governing who can enter the country. A spokesperson for the Home Office said the objective is to manage migration “in the national interest” in order to strike the right balance between safeguarding the interests of the UK work force while enabling employers to draw upon talented people anywhere in the world.

Under the proposed points system, only those with skills that Britain can use will be allowed to enter. Border and IMmigration Minister Liam Byrne emphasized: “Our new points system means that British jobseekers get the first crack of the whip and that only the skilled immigrants we actualy need will be able to come.” The system will not impact those entering from other European nations, but will effect how many area allowed to enter from the rest of the world.

Nations used to offer comfort to the afflicted and poor of the world, but now, one must have the right education in order to enter. One can only wonder if something will be lost even as something is gained by using points.