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Immigration To Norway Soars To New Levels

The number of people seeking asylum, or immigration to Norway has reached new heights and its immigration agency(UDI) is barely being able to cope with these demands. Norway is suffering from a severe labor shortage and needs immigrants which has compelled the UDI to process applications in order to meet work demands. There currently are 100,000 foreigners legally allowed to work in Norway which is up nearly 30% from last year. As many as 60 new asylum seekers are arriving in Norway every day and UDI director, Ida Borresen says by the end of this year the asylum total will reach nearly 15,000. She says asylum is being granted to at least 40% of applicants.

Norway is confronting the reality of lower sized families and the need for immigrants n societies entering 21st century post industrial situations. The United States needs its “illegal immigrants” because post industrial societies do not wish to deal with various types of work. At least Norway is openly and honestly dealing with reality.

European Union Debates Immigration Policy

The world wide immigration which has witnessed over 200,000,000 people move from their homelands elsewhere in the world remains a topic which has caused differing views to emerge among European Union members. French President Sarkozy has proposed stricter and more uniform approaches to dealing with the issue of illegal immigration although not all member nations agree with that approach. In 2005, Spain’s “regularization” of 700,000 illegal immigrants did not meet with the approval of other member states. Many immigrants to Spain come from Latin America whose leaders are furious at the immigration change which allows detention for up to 18 months and then expulsion for a period of up to five years. The president of Argentine said the law recalled times of “xenophobia,” and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez charged it “legalized barbarity” and promised economic retaliation against the European Union.

Some EU nations such as Sweden have a more flexible approach to immigrants which are needed in its nation while France is concerned about the growth of its Muslim population. It is estimated there are up to 8 million illegal immigrants in the EU and already this year about 200,000 were arrested although only 90,000 were actually expelled. Europe’s aging population requires immigrants and that reality will have to be confronted.

UK Bans Noted Terrorist Martha Stewart!

Due to brilliant intelligence work on the part of British officials the nation was able to escape from a near fatal encounter with one of the world’s noted terrorists, Martha Stewart. Ms. Stewart is now listed among the Osma bin Ladens of the terrorist world due to her attempts at subverting the American government. Martha was on her way to Great Britain for some secret activities that undoubtedly had something to do with seriously impairing the safety of the United Kingdom. But, fortunately, a sharp eyes member of the UK Border and Immigration Agency spotted the fact she had been convicted of lying to the American government about stocks. The Agency said it “continues to oppose” entry into the nation of those who have been found guilty of “serious criminal offences abroad.” Lying to the government is definitely a serious offence right up there with blowing up buildings.

It is a bit bewildering to non-UK people. If lying is a serious offence which gets people banned from entering the UK, did the Immigration Agency louse up by allowing President Bush to enter the country? Perhaps, I misunderstand. Lying to the government is a crime. But, the government lying to the people is not. Or, is this entire episode merely an attempt to prevent Ms. Stewart from assisting the British people to escape the terror of some of their food?

Japan Moves To New Immigration Policy

A new proposal by 80 members of the Liberal Democratic Party will move Japan onto new roads in fostering the immigration of foreigners to their nation. The plan which is being submitted to Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda would witness the arrival of 10,000,000 foreigners over the coming fifty years which would result in a Japan containing 1.6% people of foreign heritage into one in which one out of ten is of foreign background. Hidenao Nakagawa, says immigration is “the most effective way to counter the labor shortage.” Japan’s low birth rate is resulting in a declining population which increasingly will impact the industrial base of life. The Japanese Immigration Policy Institute emphasized “we will train immigrants and make sure they get jobs and their families have decent lives.”

The plan also involves focusing on foreign students who now constitute 130,000 people and increasing that total within the coming years to 300,000 and to a million by 2025. The emphasis in accepting immigrants will shift from one in which only those with high skills could enter to a more comprehensive approach that welcomes unskilled labor as well.

The Meiji Restoration in the 1860s opened Japan to foreign influence. Perhaps, we are witnessing a second Meiji Restoration which opens Japan to foreign citizens.

Immigration Wars In England

British politics is being impacted by arguments concerning immigration. On one end of the political spectrum, the right wing racist British National Party is urging restrictive laws on immigration while the Conservative Party is attempting to determine how to appeal to the electorate. David Cameron, head of the Conservative Party, is siding with those in his party urging a swing toward anti-immigration in order to siphon votes away from the BNP. Many critics argue such an appeal might gain votes but runs the risk of turning away moderates who are not satisfied with the Labor Party.

There are now 200,000,000 migrants living in countries throughout the world. This world wide phenomenon is creating serious political issues as demagogues vie for votes by appealing to the baser instincts in people.