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Tibetans Struggle To Discover Middle Road To Peace

The people of Tibet have lost control over their destiny as a people due to the Chinese invasion of their land about fifty years ago. Prior to the Chinese arrival, Tibet was ruled by a small clique of religious leaders, who had good intentions, but nevertheless were not advocates of democracy. Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has called together about 500 leaders of the exiled Tibetan community to discuss which road should be pursued in the future. The Dalai Lama has tried to achieve an agreement with the Chinese government which retains Tibet as part of China, but allows for local autonomy, a stance that is not necessarily supported by many young Tibetan exiles.

There is some sentiment among younger Tibetans to end the “middle way” approach of the Dalai Lama and fight for an independent Tibet. This is a noble goal, but virtually impossible to achieve. In reality, the only road is some variation of the “middle way.”

Independence Day– Kosovo Style

A tense quiet holds in Kosovo as the nation initiates its independence from Serbia. NATO peacekeepers believe they have the situation under control. A recent study reveals people in Kosovo are among the most optimistic in the world regarding what the future holds. The feeling of optimism comes from having the support of the European Union even though Russia is violently against the action. The choice of Sunday, Februaryy 17, was intended to link with the meeting of 27 EU member states in hope there would be quick recognition of the event. There are 3,300 French troops stationed in northeastern Kosovo in case any action is taken by Serbians in that region to circumvent the independence process.

It is reported the Serbian army has agreed to observe a five-kilometer corridor to avoid any conflict with European Union forces. The original fear the northeast heavily Serbian area would break away and declare its independence from Kosovo apparently has disappeared. EU officials expect rhetoric to be present in Serbian comments about the Kosovo action, but there is little concern any form of violence will ensue. The EU intends to make certain ethnic rights of Serbians in the new nation of Kosovo are protected.

Kosovo Independence Creates Crisis In Europe

The desire for the Serbian province of Kosovo to become an independent nation became even stronger as an election drew near which would enable the people of Kosovo to make that decision. There is little doubt since Kosovo is 90% Muslim Albanian it will vote for independence from Christian Serbia which killed thousands during its drive to crush opposition in Kosovo to Serbian Christian rule. An election in Serbia also is caught in the middle of the conflict. Pro-Western Prime Minister Boris Tadic is pushing hard for membership in the European Union which is supported by 69% of all Serbians. His opponent, Tomislav Vikolic, who leads ultranationalist forces in Serbia that are ready to oppose Kosovo independence, is arguing for placing the unity of Serbia over the desire for EU membership.

Too much blood has past under the bridge for the Muslim people of Kosovo to ever again seek to be members of the same country with Serbians who killed thousands during their drive to impose Serbia’s will upon all sectors of the former nation of Yugoslavia. It is time for Kosovo to go its separate path. It might be beneficial if the European Union relaxed some demands on Serbia and expedited its application for membership in the EU.