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US Army Moves To Independent Stance

Recent polls taken regarding the political views of members of the American military forces reveal an interesting shift from supporting the existing political parties to one of seeking another viewpoint. Those identifying themselves as Republicans made a dramatic drop from 60% to l41% while the number of military personnel who said they were independents nearly doubled to 31%. A little over 25% identify with the Democratic party. Since the end of World War II a greater number of members of the military have identified themselves as Republicans but the latest figure suggest this no longer is true. The shift might reflect growing disenchantment with both political parties.

Those supporting President Obama now number about half of respondents. A high percent revealed pessimistic views regarding the outcome of fighting in Afghanistan while an increasing number are more optimistic about the future of Iraq. In many respects, this coincides with most current polls of the American people.

The Liebrman Factor For John McCain

The recent endorsement of John McCain for the presidency by Senator Joseph Lieberman raises many issues for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Joe Lieberman, although losing the Democratic nomination last fall, ran as an Independent but promised Democrats he would vote and serve as a Democrat if elected. The decision to back his good friend, John McCain will undoubtedly doom any chance for his re-election, but he most probably has already accepted that reality. Senator Lieberman regards himself as a spokesperson for Israel in the American Senate and blindly follows what he regards as needed by that nation even though many Israelis have other goals such as peace and two independent nations.

A recent poll by Fox News reveals that a Lieberman nod only resonates with about 15% of Independents, but attains a 25% approval rating from Republicans. The religious right still has warm feelings for Lieberman who denounced Bill Clinton’s “immoral conduct” and has fervently supported Bush anti-terrorism policies. There is something sad in an old liberal warrior who fought for civil liberties now in the twilight of his career assuming the mantle of a die hard advocate of right wing conservative policies. It is also doubtful if the Orthodox Jew’s stature is that strong to overcome the hatred many religious right folk feel toward John McCain’s support for immigration reform or for his attacks on religious leaders like Jerry Falwell. Say it ain’t so, Joe, say you are not completely abandoning liberal views.