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Hoax Call Nearly Leads To War!

According to a Pakistani newspaper, a hoax call nearly caused India and Pakistan to get on war footing and consider the possibility of military action. Someone made a prank call to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari threatening war after the Mumbai attack by militants who came from Pakistan. For the following 24 hours, the nuclear armed Pakistan air force was placed on “highest alert” as its military forces watched closely for any attack from India. The caller, posing as Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee, also tried having a conversation with Condi Rice at the State Department but never go through. Rice allegedly called Mukherjee in the middle of the night and asked why he had taken such a threatening approach to Pakistan.

There is some evidence the call originated from a verified official phone number of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. India’s Foreign Minister responded by arguing, “I can only ascribe this series of events to those in Pakistan who wish to divert attention from the fact that a terrorist group operating from Pakistani territory, planned and launched an attack on Mumbai.”

Does their mean any American citizens can ring up Hillary Clinton at the State Department or can we actually get through to president Obama? The last time presidents had open office hours for citizens was under Theodore Roosevelt.

I guess we now know poor George Bush was tricked by a hoax call about WMD.