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India Asserts-Pakistan Denies Links To Terrorism

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan strongly denied there was any evidence of a link between a Lashkar-e-Tayyaba operative and the bombings in Mumbai. Although, India has the confession of the operative, the Pakistan government continues to insist no one from Pakistan had anything to do with the attacks in India. “We have no such information. We don’t accept that report.” An official of the Indian government said his country had been given information by the FBI that suggests such a linkage. According to Indian official Pranab Mukherjee, “We have been told that there is some strong evidence available to FBI and they have shared it with Pakistan.” However, Pakistan continues being in a state of denial.

Foreign mInistry spokesperson, Muhammad Sadiq insisted his government has not been provided concrete evidence from India about any linkage to his nation. He was also infuriated that anyone would dare suggest Pakistan’s secret service, the ISI was aiding terrorism. One can only conclude the Pakistan government is the only nation on planet Earth that is unaware of the ISI activities in sponsoring the creation of the Taliban and supporting terrorist attacks on India.

Pakistan In A Quandary-East Or West?

The Pakistan army is confronting a quandary as to which way it should be facing–to the east against India or to the west against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. There are reports Pakistan forces have been moving away from the northeast frontier and shifting over to eastern regions in order to face up against the Indian army. The Pakistan military insisted Indian troops had been moved close to the border, but the Indian army insists there has been no such movement. As uncertainty grows concerning the effort Pakistan will place on dealing with the Taliban, Coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan may soon face a problem if there supply routes are blocked by Taliban insurgents. There may be need to make arrangements with nations to the north of Afghanistan in order to ensure safe supply routes.

Militant attacks on supply routes and destruction of trucks parked in cities demonstrated the precarious situation of Coalition forces in Afghanistan. US military sources insist they have plenty of supplies but as roads become blocked and insurgents step up the pressure, the departure to the east of Pakistan troops will only make the situation even more complex and dangerous.

India Doesn’t Want War Says Prime Minister

As Pakistan planes zoomed in the sky preparing to deal with any aircraft from India that might be launching an attack, the prime minister of India spoke of peace and conciliation. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh insisted that “nobody wants war” and tried to reduce tension between the countries. Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, again visited Pakistan to urge calm and avoidance of provocative actions that might inflame the situation. The head of Interpol visiting in New Dehli, said Pakistan had agreed to cooperate with his organization in tracking down those involved in the Mumbai attacks. India has yet to share its information with Pakistan which has complicated the situation. However, it claims the captured gunman Mohammed Ajmal Kasab said he came from Pakistan.

Step one is allowing Interpol to play an important role in the investigation and this means both sides have to open files. Step two is for Pakistan to finally clean house in its secret service, the ISI and make that organization a force for peace, not for arming groups to carry out terrorist attacks.

Pakistan Military May Be On Red Alert

There are reports from Pakistan media their military may have been placed on a High Alert over reports India may be planning action in response to the Mumbai attacks. Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Pakistan, Kamal Hyder, says all branches of the Pakistan military are on a red alert due to fears of an attack on their nation. Pakistan has been blamed by India and other nations for its failure to crack down on the militant Lashkar-e-Taiba group which most probably planned the attacks on Mumbai. According to Hyder, “The Pakistan air force has been seen visibly in a number of locations flying close to the Pakistani-India border in what is being described as an aggressive patrolling mode following reports that India is planning pre-emptive strikes against locations in Pakistan.”

India’s Foreign Minister Mukherjee has expressed disappointment with failure of Pakistan to crack down on militants and said India would “explore all options” to compel Pakistan to take action. The danger is either nation becomes frightened and does something which leads the other to use military force.

Give Us Evidence Demands Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has decided the best defense is an offense and is demanding India produce concrete evidence the terrorists who roamed through Mumbai came from their country. Pakistani officials say they need evidence in order to place suspects on trial. The Pakistan government, undoubtedly, is caught in a dilemma, it must present a strong presence against India in order to please Pakistanis while it seeks to cooperate with India in dealing with the problem. On the other hand, the Indian government has an outraged populace seeking revenge and, at this point, the only source of their pain is Pakistan. Pakistan Foreign Minister insists he has not seen any evidence submitted by the government of India he can use in prosecuting anyone.

Who does not the Lashkar-e-Dawa was responsible for the attacks? it is about time Pakistan stopped playing games and turned suspects over to Indian officials. They can provide legal aid to those accused.

End Violence Indian PM Urges Pakistan

India’s Prime Minister Mamohan Singh told Pakistan there could be no true peace between the two nations until Pakistan wipes terrorists from their soil. He emphasized his government’s desire for friendly relations and improved economic ties but insisted there had to be evidence Pakistan was serious about dealing with terrorism within its own borders. ‘Our silence and good intentions to improve relations with Pakistan should not be mistaken as our weakness. we are determined to fight terrorism and defeat it decisively.” He also promised to ensure the people of the divided area of Kashmir would benefit from economic prosperity if they supported his political party.

There is no question terrorist groups exist in Pakistan and some were even created by its secret service, the ISI. But, terrorism is a two way street and India also has terrorist extreme Hindu minded nationalists who preach hatred toward those not Hindu and carry out terrorist attacks on Christians and Muslims. if India is serious about dealing with terrorism, the fight should also begin at home.

Pakistan And India Charge One Another With Delay

India and Pakistan are like two boxers circling one another seeking to uncover a soft spot on which to land a verbal punch. Tension between the nuclear armed rivals has been rising since terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, insisted his nation’s investigation was being hampered by the refusal of Indian authorities to provide information while India retorts terrorists came from Pakistan where they received training and equipment from Pakistan military officials. Qureshi said Pakistan wanted creation of a joint commission and launching a joint investigation into the Mumbai attacks, “in an earnest effort to move forward in an area which equally concerns both Pakistan and India.”

However, Hafeez Muhammad Saeed, founder of the terrorist Jamaat-ud-Daawa has only been placed under house arrest even though it is clear the terrorists came from that organization. A few years ago Pakistan was hailing the terrorist organization for assisting in earthquake relief, but now is uncertain how to handle a group that was begun by the Pakistan secret service, ISI, and now is on the list of terrorist organizations. Pakistan has made some effort to arrest members of the group, but until they are placed on trial and convicted and sent to jail, India will not be satisfied.

Pakistan Pledges Cooperation With India

Pakistan’s leadership decided to make a serious effort to establish positive relations with India by promising to share Intelligence information, cooperate with Indian investigations of the Mumbai tragedy and offered to form a joint commission which would coordinate anti-terrorist activities. Prime Minister Gilani ordered all government agencies to work with Indian investigators. The still unanswered question is what will be done about the Inter-Services Intelligence agency which has done more to foster terrorist groups in Pakistan than any other organization.

Everyone knows the ISI most probably played a role in the Mumbai tragedy by providing training and weapons to the men who carried out the raid. Pakistan’s government can claim it did not know about any attack, but when the ISI supplies material, a base and training what exactly did they think would happen?

Pakistan Getting Tough About Indian Demands

There is scant doubt the Mumbai murderers came from Pakistan and there is little doubt, at some point in the training of such men, the Pakistan ISI played some role. India and Pakistan have been enemies for over half a century and the level of mistrust is deeply embedded in both leaders of political life and those in charge of the military. India is demanding that Pakistan turn over to them 20 individuals believed to be involved in terrorist activities. Pakistan leaders so far refer to India’s “unsubstantiated allegations made in haste” But, Pakistan government officials intend to hide behind “national interests” and the invariable need to “defend its honor and dignity” as a nation.

Both nations possess atomic weapons and military leaders who can allow nationalism to take precedence over common sense. It pays Pakistan to cooperate fully with India’s requests for terrorists since someone who commits violence in India is just as likely to do so in Pakistan.

Taliban Volunteer To Join Pakistan Against India

The old adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend appears to have taken root among Taliban leaders who appear ready to abandon their fight against Pakistan and join with their enemies in a war against India. Taliban fighters battling Pakistan soldiers near the Afghan border volunteered to fight alongside the Pakistan army if war breaks out between that country and India. The Taliban offer came in a video recording by its deputy chief, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad. In the video he said: “If India launches a war on Pakistan, we will divide the fight into two parts. /The air defence will be the responsibility of the military, and the Tehrik-e-Taleban Pakistani will fight the war on ground. If it makes a mistake to attack Pakistan, Tehrik-e-Taleban will defend Pakistan and Islam.”

The offer undoubtedly is an attempt by Taliban leaders to win popular support in Pakistan. It realizes there are many groups within Pakistan who regard war with India as the real fight and consider fighting against the Taliban to be a diversion. Of course, there long has been suspicion many members of Pakistan’s secret service, the ISI, work closely with Taliban sources.