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Pakistan Terrorists Win The Battle Of Mumbai!

After ten men held an Indian city hostage to terrorism, they were finally subdued, but not before their goal of disrupting both Pakistan and India had been achieved. Indian officials announced that it was raising security to a “war level”which naturally secured a Pakistan response that it was pulling troops away from tribal regions in order to man defenses on the frontier with India. Although the situation is not as tense as 2002 when both nations came close to an armed conflict, Indian political leaders are bound to raise the fear of an outside aggression in order to secure votes in upcoming elections. The Home Minister has been fired and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is promising to upgrade the capabilities of special forces as well as expand the number of those troops.

Secretary Rice and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband will soon by headed towards India and Pakistan in an effort to reduce tensions. India has not yet claimed the Pakistan government had a hand in the Mumbai massacre, but it is clear a Pakistan-based group, Lashkar-e-Toiba played a prominent role in the entire operation. It is also clear that group has links to the Pakistan ISI organization.

It is amazing that ten men can come close to creating a war between two nations. It is important for the Pakistan government to clean up the infamous ISI including firing most of its leadership if there is ever to be trust in the Pakistan government.

Political Parties Of India Unite To Fight Terrorism

There is something about violence which frequently results in people who ignore it to suddenly become aware, particularly if the violence occurs in their backyard. All major political parties in India on Sunday agreed to unite in fighting terrorism and unanimously agreed to set up a Federal Investigating Agency to coordinate anti-terrorism activity. the Bharatiya Janata Party (BNP) wants the nation to focus on Pakistan’s responsibility for the attack. However, the other parties wanted to wait for more information before naming Pakistan as responsible for the tragedy.

Perhaps, the initial step in dealing with terrorism is uncovering why ten gun men were able to control an entire city for days before being halted. There was ineptness in performance of Indian security forces who were ill-equipped, poorly led, and seemed confused on how to deal with terrorism.

Perhaps, it is also time to address issues of poverty in India, and finally work with Pakistan on a reasonable compromise to the festering issue of Kahsmir.

Does India Have A Strategy For Terrorism?

The horror that engulfed India has sent a shock wave throughout the world, but it also raises questions as to the goals and effectiveness of Indian strategies in dealing with terrorism. The Mumbai disaster was created by Muslim extremists, but over the past twenty years there have been numerous examples of Hindu extremists who explode into violence, kill people, and are not crushed by the government. During the past few months Hindu nationalists terrorized Christians and drove hundreds from their homes, but no serious effort was ever made to crush those who carried out terrorism. There have been either Muslim or Hindu attacks that have resulted in hundreds of deaths and many speeches promising to do something, but after the talk, there is no action.

Perhaps, the place to begin developing a serious anti-terrorism program is to dramatically raise the size of Indian police forces and its army. Just a few weeks ago, an explosion rocked a mosque in Malegaon which was the work of Hindu nationalists and among those arrested was an officer in the Indian army.

There is need for a new deal in India which ends the ability of Hindu nationalists to impose their terror upon innocent people, and which finally resolves the lingering sore known as Kashmir. It is time to create an effective anti-terrorism group which deals with ALL forms of terror, not just Muslim.

Mumbai Attacks Threaten Pakistan-India Relations

The horror of Mumbai which continues as gun men still are fighting in the hotels they seized will not go away even after every one of the terrorists are placed in prison. The government of India is furious because it believes at least elements of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Agency(ISI) either knew about the proposed raids or actively assisted those involved in the attacks. President Zardari insists he opposes terrorism, but the more important question is does he control his own secret service whose actions in the past by organizing and funding the Taliban and helping al-Qaeda are ongoing points of anger within many countries of the world. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blamed “external forces” as the cause of terror in Mumbai and everyone knows he meant, Pakistan, as the “external forces.”

There is obviously need for President Zaradari to appoint an important military leader whose first task is to disband the ISI and then create a new intelligence agency which reports to the government, not to military officials. Until the ISI is brought under control there will be no trust from India or other nations of the world. The Taliban-al Qaeda links must be ended, once and for all.

Mumbai Violence Just Another Chapter In Indian Violence

The violence which engulfed Mumbai was horrific but it is basically simply another chapter in the turmoil which has plagued India since it was freed from British rule. The moment of independence was marked by strife which resulted in the killing of hundreds of thousands as Muslims an Hindus clashed with one another. The clash over Kashmir has sparked additional conflict and deaths as both sides insist they have a claim to an area that historically was mainly Muslim. In 1992, a mob of Hindu extremists destroyed a Mughal era mosque which resulted in fighting that took over 2,000 lives. A year later, terrorists struck back by killing over 200 Hindus. In 2002, the state of Gujarat witnessed a massacre of over 1,000 Muslims by Hindu mobs.

India is the world’s largest and among the most successful democracies but it has not been able to shake loose from extremists from both Hindu and Muslim factions. Perhaps, it is time for Muslim and Hindu clerics to united in the struggle to restore peace to all areas of the country. Perhaps, it is time for both Indian and Pakistan school systems to work on peace education and religious tolerance programs.

We All Stand With The People Of Mumbai!

The attacks on Mumbai by fanatics whose only goal in life is the end of life can not be allowed to deter those who work for peace. One views pictures of dead bodies, men and women fleeing while holding the hands of children, flaming buildings, and police holding weapons while gazing confusedly towards the darkness of evil. The men who carried out the attacks undoubtedly believe they are engaged in some great movement to liberate the people of Pakistan or India or wherever, but their only goal is to plunge a knife into the hearts of devout Muslims who know their religion does not allow the death of innocent men, women, and children.

Terrorists regard themselves as noble warriors who in death free oppressed Muslims in the world. They function in darkness, they target women and children, they creep through the sewers of society smiling as they hurl a grenade into a hospital with sick people and children and smile gleefully as the bodies of the innocent lie in pools of blood. The terrorists of Mumbai are among the most emotionally disabled people in the world. Their faces never gaze in love or tenderness toward humanity since to them death and destruction are the meaning of life. Is this what the prophet Muhammad wanted in the world?

A mistake on the part of the government of India is to strike out against its Muslim citizens. They are innocent victims since Muslims died in Mumbai along with Hindus and Christians. If the Indian government lashes out at its Muslim citizens it will enable the terrorists to claim victory.

Now is the time for Muslim clerics throughout the world to issue a statement condemning the attacks on Mumbai and standing as one with the people of India.

Bollywood Goes Gay–Maybe?

The typical Bollywood film follows a distinctive story line in which the daring young man takes care of the bad guys and is rewarded with love of the decent young beautiful girl. In a sense, Bollywood is where Hollywood used to be in the wondrous days of the 1950 when heterosexual love was the only love in town. Suddenly, a slight cloud is appearing over the horizon in the film industry’s latest offering, “Dostana”(friendship), a film about two men who pretend to be a couple in which homosexuality(which is illegal in prudish, religious India) is a running theme. Ashok Row Kavi, a leading gay activist in India believes the film offers interesting possibilities. “I think the film does a lot for gays in a country where the word homosexual does not even exist for many people.”

As one reviews the history of gay rights in the United States, a role in changing attitudes stemmed from the movie and television industries which introduced gay and lesbian characters years before any politician would dare to even suggest any sort of concern for gay and lesbian rights. Perhaps, this first film to hint at homosexuality will herald in additional movie and television situations which become educating forces in altering traditional views.

India Policy Toward Myanmar Focuses On China

India is a democratic nation but it supports the brutal dictatorial regime of Myanmar more out of fear and selfish economic reasons than concern for upholding the principles of democracy. During the 1990s, as China began making economic inroads into Myanmar, the government of India reached out to assume a role in developing the rich resources of their neighbor to the east. A combination of fear China would become dominant on its border, a desire to tap the resources of Myanamar and concern for insurgent groups in its own northeast regions who had links to Burmese rebels led India to give whole hearted support to an oppressive regime.

However, despite this abysmal record of supporting a dictatorship, India has afforded refuge to over 50,000 Burmese refugees who fled to avoid oppression at the hands of Myanmar’s rulers. There are some reports, India quietly supports democratic opposition groups in hope one day they can gain power. The people of Burma suffer because India and China engage in power games to assert control in their land. Such is the manner in which powerful nations gain wealth.

India Torn By Riots Over Indian Migrants

In most nations of the world, anger toward migrants is directed toward those who come from another nation and cross borders illegally in search of work, but in India, anger is directed at fellow Indians. Protestors in the eastern Indian state of Bihar torched trains and ransacked stations for attacks on migrants that took place in western India. Trains were halted and the police battled angry mobs. The migration of thousands of workers from impoverished northern and eastern states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar into India’s booming areas has sparked a violent backlash as ambitious politicians spur crowds into action against the strangers.

On Wednesday, in Mumbai, a local politician whose arrest sparked riots was released and then went on urging his followers to take action against migrants from other areas of India. It is somewhat ironic that India is currently witnessing riots among Hindus where fifty years ago the riots were between Hindus and Muslims. It is always the “stranger” who causes the most hate among the ignorant.

Hindu Nationalists Against Conversions-Except Theirs

The 21st century has dawned with the amazing news that the old religious wars are once again alive and well in the world. Jews and Muslims fight in Israel and Hindus and Christians are engaged in a serious conflict in India. Hindu fundamentalists are furious at what they claim is an attempt by Christians to convert poor Hindus so they did the only thing one who is against forced conversions can do–use force to convert people to Hinduism. Siman Nayak was one of the Christians in the state of Orissa who was forced by Hindu nationalists to become a Hindu or face the consequences. “They told us if you do not become a Hindu we will hack you to death.” He was one of thirteen villagers who were surrounded by Hindu thugs waving axes and shouting for revenge after the death a few days earlier of a Hindu leader they claim was killed by Christians. Actually, a Maoist leader last week said he ordered the killing in protest against forced conversions by Hindus.

There are deep seated religious fears and ignorance at play in the riots that swept Orissa during the past month. Hindus are the majority in India but they refuse to exam why Hindus convert to Christianity. Perhaps, Christians are offering people something that is not present in the current Hindu approach to religion.