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Christmas Spirit-Hindus Attack Churches

Hundreds of federal police were deployed in India’s eastern state of Orissa as Hindu hard-liners burnt an damaged 12 churches while clashing with Christians. It is believed at least one Christian died in the attack. Ostensibly, the Hindus outburst came because some Christian injured a local Hindu leader, but most observers believe it stems from conversion by low-cast Hindus into the Christian religion. Local TV stations showed films of wrecked churches with all windows smashed and furniture strewn around. Archbishop Raphael Cheenath charge police with turning blind eye to the Hindus mob behavior. Barik, a local Hindu leader, responded that Christians had placed religious statues on a Hindu site. Some Christians believe low-cast Hindus convert because of the treatment they receive in the Hindu religion.

It is ironic, that in Muslim Indonesia, the Christmas holidays passed without a single incident of violence against Christians, but in predominantly Hindu India, there were clashes. Naturally, the American media ignores the peaceful behavior of Muslims just as it ignores the violent behavior of Hindus. Violent Hindus this year are not of great interest to the media which only focuses on terrorism by Muslims.