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Peru Amazon Tiananamen Massacre!

During the past few days, reports have emerged from Peru that during a stand-off between Amazon Indians and troops, a massacre of the protestors is being compared to the Chinese Tiananmen Square horror. Supporters of Alberto Pizango, head of Aidesep, a coalition of 56 Amazon Indian tribes, confronted troops on a highway. The group was protesting enactment of a new law that would open huge areas of Indian ancestral lands to oil and gas exploration. The 2,000 Indians were armed with spears and machetes but these were of scant use when troops opened fire. Survival, a UK human rights organization, claims the event became an Amazon Tiananmen massacre in which allegedly hundreds of Indians were killed. They report troops burned and buried scores of bodies to cover up the slaughter.

Alberto Pizango took refuge in the Nicaraguan embassy and has been flown out of the country for his safety. The Peru parliament has suspended the new law for ninety days until an investigation can discover exactly what happened on the highway. Oil and gas invariably are more important to modern people than the land which belongs to Indians.

Aussie Police Deny Racism In Their Country

Until the 1960s, the only non-whites in Australia were the original inhabitants who constantly endured discrimination. Since that time period hundreds of thousands of immigrants have come from all parts of Asia and the Middle East to create a multi-ethnic society. During recent months in Sydney there have been continual attacks on students of Indian background, but the police insist there is nothing racial linked to the crimes. As police Superintendent Robert Refren noted: “they are young people, often students o ten working the jobs young students work… and they are therefore at risk opportunistically of being assaulted in the early hours of the morning or very late at night.” I guess we are to assume that only Indian students work late at night or early in the morning, are any white Aussies working at those times?

Petrol bombs have been thrown through the window of an Indian student, and numerous Indian and Sinhalese men have been attacked, but the police can only report there is nothing ethnic entailed in the assaults. I guess those attacked decided to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and therefore that explains away the incidents. It is nothing more than criminals selecting people with dark skin for a robbery or to be beaten up. It has nothing to do with ethnicity, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Malaysia Cracks Down On Equal Rights Group

The government of Malaysia has banned an ethnic Indian group which has been fighting to obtain equal rights for minorities in the Muslim controlled nation. Home Secretary Minister Syed Hamid Albar claimed the Hindu Rights Action Force was “detrimental to public order and security.” The organization has been working through peaceful means to have the government address legitimate concerns about discrimination against Indian and Chinese minorities in the country. According to the government directive anyone who joins the group can be prosecuted and face up to five years in prison.

The Indian group gained fame last November when it led tens of thousands of ethnic Indians in a massive protest against discrimination in fields like education, jobs and business opportunities which tend to give preference to Muslim members of society. Muslims can use force to destroy opposition groups, but as division arises within Muslim groups, there will be an outreach to Indians and Chinese to help a Muslim party gain power in parliament.