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Suspects In Turkish Plot Indicted

Turkish officials presented an indictment of the so-called Ergenekon gang which is accused of attempting to incite violence as a prelude to overthrowing the government. The indictment came 13 months after the nation was rocked with news a secret group had plotted to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Erdogan and President Gul who head the Justice and Development Party(AKP). The indictment charges 86 suspects who include former generals in the army, leading academics and politicians of planning to create a diversion of violence in order to justify overthrowing the AKP which they hate for its Muslim leanings.

The case is important because it suggests the existence of an organized plot by those who fear the secular basis of Turkey is being undermined by the AKP. These people allegedly planned a series of violent actions in order to prove Muslim leaders were responsible for the resulting chaos in the country which would then justify intervention by Turkey’s secular minded army leaders.

It remains to be seen if the charge can be proved in a court of law. Some critics believe the charges are an attempt by the AKP to divert attention away from its own legal problems.