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Religious Intolerance In Indonesia

Human Rights activists blamed the Indonesian government for failing to halt attacks against followers of the Ahmadiyah sect in west Java. Chairman Hendardi of the Setara Institute said the government was not adhering to provisions of the Indonesian constitution which protects freedom of religion. On Tuesday, the Ahmadiyah worship complex in Kuningan was attacked by Muslims who want the entire religious center closed down because of their belief it fosters incorrect attitudes toward the Muslim religion. In Kuningan, local officials are ignoring insistence from the Vice President of Indonesia to reopen the religious complex. The head of the Kuningan local authority claims he has yet to receive a firm order from the government to end the closure of the center.

As of this point, no one who used violence against members of the Ahmadiyah sect have been charged with any crime. The nation of Indonesia allows free worship for members of many faiths, but it sometimes becomes derelict in protecting rights when fundamentalist Muslim groups display their anger. This Christmas it will be necessary in many parts of Indonesia for Christians to require police protection in order to worship due to fears of being attacked by the small number of Muslim fundamentalists who resort to violence in opposing those who differ.