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Christians Are No Converting Muslims!

OK, so there are over 150,000,000 Muslims living in Indonesia and about less than five million Christians, but that does not lessen the threat of these nefarious Christians secretly sneaking into Muslim homes at night and whispering into the ears of sleeping children Christian words so they will awake with the spirit of Christ within. A gathering of Muslim organizations in Jakarta expressed their concerns about “the ongoing attempt to convert people to Christianity.” By whom? How many conversions? We are into the silly season of religious conflict in which people have nothing better to do with their time than imagine hordes of Christians sweeping through Jakarta with Bibles in hand in order to convert the population. Ironically, it was over a thousand years ago that Muslim armies swept into countries in order to convert people to their religion.

There is no “Christian campaign,” and the likelihood of Christians converting Muslims is about the same as Israeli Jews suddenly becoming Muslims. It is this type of nonsense that eventually leads to publication of books like “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and the end result in murder of millions. Now, if a man dressed in a robe who has a smile of peace on his face wanders into your street, give him a listen, you never know who is talking.

Islamist Plot Foiled In Indonesia

Indonesia has been a stronghold of moderation in the conflict between radical Muslims and those who seek to live in a society in which other religions can co-exist. There has always been a radical Islamist force within the country, but they have never been able to assert their power and gain control of the government. Over the past few days, Indonesian security forces discovered a secret Islamist training camp which was training terrorists to enter Jakarta, launch attacks on hotels and other buildings in which there were foreigners, kill as many as they could and then attack the government in order to seize power and proclaim an Islamist nation governed by the principles of sharia law.

There is evidence local Indonesian radicals were working with al-Qaeda, Aceh region in a new combined terrorist group. We live each day with the legacy of George Bush’s stupidity in launching a war against Muslims.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: ‘New Health Minister Faces Credibility Questions”
There are reports he was sick last week.

China, China Daily: “2nd Child Encouraged In China”
Just stay away from a third one.

Oman, Oman Tribune: “Women Hold Loyalty March”
I doubt if their husbands believe it is for them.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “NATO Backs New Afghan Strategy”
After eight years of failed strategies, I guess it is time for a new one.

Singapore, Straits Times: “China Ignores Tiger Trade”
Whew! At least we Americans can take over the tiger trade!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Protection For Nannies”
From the kids or from dad?

UK, The Independent: “Distracted Pilots Overshoot By 150 Miles”
When big issues like the stopped up toilet have to be dealt with, forget Minneapolis.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “It Really Was A Miracle”
Dick Cheney actually pronounced a coherent sentence.

South Africa, Argus: “”Everyone Involved Is A Loser”
I assume this describes the American people during the past year.

UAE, Khaleej Times: “Clean Up The World”
Heck, every time one cleans up a mess another one comes along.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Inmate Complaint Form”
Are those provided members of Congress?

UK, Guardian: “Mother Refused Wine in Supermarket Due To Daughter”
Imagine if she had triplets with her, no viagra for dad.

South Africa, Argus: “That’s How You Nail Drunk Drivers”
Just spread beer cans along the highway.

Kenya, Herald: “Why Are Women Unhappy?”
Have you seen their husbands!

Tanzania, Arusha Times: “Why Millions Of Africans Are Poor”
They don’t have money?

Greece, Kathimerini: “Police To Put On A Friendlier Face”
From now on, before you are shot, they will offer a smile.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Another Reason To Stay Healthy”
So, you can live longer?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “It’s Not About Money”
When it comes to health insurance companies, it is ALWAYS about money!

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “University Of Indonesia Ranks 201st in World”
OK, so they are not within the two two hundred, it is a beautiful country.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “NEw Species Found”
It is a Republican who can actually articulate an intelligent idea without shouting, “no.”

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Stay Home, Save The Economy”
I have a hunch going out to shop will do more.

USA, NY Daily News: “Cop Has Sex With Cows”
There is nothing moo about this case.

Canada, Toronto Star: “19.2 pound Baby Born In Indonesia”
Me thinks this is a four breast baby.

UK, Guardian: “Swine Flu Vaccine Approved For UK”
Sorry, Frenchmen, no flu for you.

Sweden, The Local: “We Are All Immigrants”
Tell that to Lou Dobbs and the Tea Party idiots.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Adam Returns”
I think he left Eve at the alter.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Church Free To Abuse Families”
Are these Christians or the Anti-Christ?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Prison Officer Escapes Jail After Stealing Cash”
He was apprehended by inmates.

Anti Malaysian Outbreaks In Indonesia

In the never ending tale of human hate and violence toward those who differ in some minor manner, there have been outbreaks of violence against Malaysians who currently live in Indonesia. The conflict arose because Indonesia and Malaysia became involved in a dispute over cultural “theft” which led ultra nationalists to raise the cry of let’s get those darn Malaysians who dare to live in our nation. The Relawan Ganyang Malaysia halted motorists and pedestrians in order to find any who might be of Malaysian background.

Why is it we humans are so readily prone to seek evil in someone who is not of our own background? Hatred is more readily aroused than love. Could you imagine Indonesians halting people out for a walk, discovering they were of Malaysian background and giving them a hug? Of course not, we are HUMANS– off with their heads!

No News-Muslim Moderates Oppose Terrorism

The American media does not hesitate to offer news concerning Islamic terrorists in order to further an image of Muslims as hell bent to violence and hatred. The Indonesian government is attempting to wipe out terrorist groups in its nation. The Jakarta Post reports residents in Central Java have refused to allow members of the radical Jama’ah Tabligh to stay at their mosques. One mosque leader told reporters, “their presence made us uncomfortable.. Residents feared that they were part of a terrorist group. so we did not allow them to stay here.” He then informed police who arrested the group.

The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people and seek an end of terrorism. This image simply is not news to the average American TV station or Internet site. They insist on portraying an image of violence and destruction whenever the word, Muslim, appears.

How To Combat Religious Fanaticism

Ahmad Fuad Fanani, writing in the Jakarta Post argues that religious fanatics use religion not as the source of their fanaticism, but as the justification for their actions. He cites the work of Mark Juergensmeyer who argues that religious radical movements have three common sources:
1. They reject compromising religion to liberal and secular values.
2. They refuse secular society that restricts religion to private spaces.
3. They create a form of religiosity which rejects all forms of religion they believe challenges their own interpretation of the religion’s origins.

Fanani suggests three ways to combat these views:

1. Focus on interpretations of religion which stress issues of social justice and love.
2. Offer explanations to people of how religious fanaticism violates their own views of religion.
3. Emphasize the true purpose of jihad is promoting principles of love and social justice.

Common sense, if you ask me.

Muslim News Never Reported By US Media

The right wing media in the United States is quick to sound the battle cry of terrorism every time some group or individual who is Muslim engages in violent acts. However, it is rare for the American media to present information concerning the peaceful desire of most Muslims who respect the rights of others and seek a world without violence. Few, if any, American media outlets will give note to the fact leaders of several religious groups in Indonesia gathered at the site of the recent Jakarta Hotel bombings to pledge to work for peace. Leaders of human rights and religious affiliations held two prayer meetings to honor the nine who died and the fifty who were wounded.

Members of the Indonesian Anti-Violence Community including Hasyim Muzadi of the Nahdiatal Ulama Islamic Council participated in the prayer sessions which also included representatives from Christian churches. This is a “non-news story” according to the American media — no one got killed, no one sounded cries of death to America and the West. The session simply consisted of ordinary Indonesians who believed in peace.

Being Gay In Indonesia Is Not Always A Happy Time

In a recent workshop held in Jakarta for gays and lesbians, men and women recounted the problems they encountered living in a Muslim society when they informed parents and other family members about their sexual orientation. Valen, a gay man, said: “if I told my mother that I had decided to become a heterosexual, she would certainly throw a party.” He recounted to the audience how his partner had died in his house and he finally had to tell his mother that he was gay. “I got down on my knees and told her. I also said that even though our relationship is not deemed as normal, I treated my partner better than the way my heterosexual sister treated hers.” Eventually, his mother came to accept who he was.

A mother came onto the stage named Pinta and spoke from her heart about her children and their sexual beliefs. “I have promised all of my children that I will accept them and their problems no matter what, as long as they don’t hide anything from me, so I have to accept my son’s sexuality as well.”

Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world and, unlike Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, gays and lesbians can speak in public about their sexual identity without being punished.