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Real Inglourious Bastards!

Qunetin Tarantino’s new film, ‘Inglourious Bastards” depicts a fictional group of American Jewish soldiers who are dropped into France where they conduct the killing of numerous German soldiers including taking their scalps. In fact, there was a real life squadron of Jewish soldiers who hunted down SS officers in Austria right after the war ended in an operation called “Nakam” (vengeance in Hebrew). According to the last survivor, 88 year-old, Chaim Miller, “we operated in the south of Austria in the days just after the war ended. We were soldiers in the Jewish Brigade group of the British army stationed in Tarvisio, Italy.” He said Yugoslav partisans provided the names of Nazi war criminals and they went in groups of three to secretly get them.

The Germans soldiers initially thought British police were questioning them, but they soon realized their mistake when the soldiers showed them their Stars of David. “We took them to some woods on the Italian side, gave them a ‘hearing,’ for half an hour and then explained to them they’d pay. They remained in the woods forever.” He estimates these Inglourious Bastards killed anywhere from 100 to 300 Nazi officers.