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Insomnia Cures By Political Leaders

Venezuela boss man, President Hugo Chavez suddenly realized he has a special power that could assist mothers and fathers– he has a voice and speaking style which can make any child fighting sleep doze off within moments. Actually, Chavez is not the only political leader who can put children and adults to sleep. Following are those who make our INSOMNIA LEADERS OF THE WORLD

The head of the NRA explaining why guns should be allowed in churches is certainly to be a complex meandering around his mind.

Rudy Giuliani giving a ten hour explanation on how he defeated world terrorism and saved America after 9/11 is a speech one can best handle by going to sleep.

George Bush offering his explanation that, “even if there were no WMD,” let me explain why we had to go to war in 2003 is a send me to dreamland talk.

Dick Cheney explaining plots afloat in the world to destroy America will not only get you laughing, but reaching for a sleeping pill.

The ever optimistic cheery Sarah Palin talk about how to help me make gobs and gobs of money is certain to elicit a yawn, and, hopefully, a good night’s sleep.

Barack Obama explaining why he can not explain the healthcare plan because it is too complex– as is the oil spill– will get your head nodding.

Glenn Beck displaying his charts which explain something, but, in all honesty when I see them my eyes can not follow anymore than can my mind. I wind up nodding, yawning and sleeping.

The old perennial favorite for me is listening to a college president on opening day of the semester explain his plans for the year to build a new parking garage.

Of course, for those in Chicago hearing the Cub general manager explain why this is the year for the Cubs to make the World Series is a guaranteed sleeper.