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Israel Lawmaker Insults Israeli Arab Citizens

Among the tragedies in Israel over the past decade has been the emergence to power of right wing groups who violate the basic essence of the Jewish religion and the values of those who founded the state of Israel. Judaism is founded in a respect for the rights of all people and Israel’s founders wanted to live in peace with their Arab neighbors but the utranationalist Yisrael Beitenu Party led by racists such as Avigdor Lieberman continue to display insensitivity for the rights of Arab citizens. Internal Security Minister Yitzhad Aharonovitch responded to a comment by an undercover police agent who apologized for his dirty clothes with an inane comment, “What do you mean dirty? You look like a real Araboosh.” The word is a derogatory expression in Hebrew for Arabs– much akin to the word, “nigger.”

Mr. Aharonovitch defended himself by saying: “this remark does not reflect my positions or world views and I apologize to anyone who was insulted.” At least Mr. Aharonovitch could have the decency to speak the truth and admit what he said was exactly what Lieberman and he believe regarding Israel Arabs.