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Another British Security Lapse!

The man read his London Times oblivious to the individual sitting next to him who was gazing off into the wide blue yonder. It wasn’t until his fellow passenger had left that the man noticed a packet of papers had been left behind. He opened the packet and found pages stamped, “UK Top Secret” and “For UK/US/Canadian/Australian” eyes only. Fortunately for the war against terrorism it was simply another ordinary British commuter who found the packet of top secret papers dealing with al-Qaida. The commuter turned the papers over to the BBC. A senior “Intelligence official”(we use the word, “intelligence” gingerly) has forgotten the documents on his daily commute into London. Why, top level secrets are carried back and forth from work to home is a security issue in itself.

The United States and its allies most probably spend a few hundred billion dollars a year on gathering intelligence while al-Qaida spends the cost of a train ticket from London to the suburbs. Then again, what exactly has the “intelligence community” been able to forecast about the future. They didn’t forsee the collapse of the Soviet Union, the al-Qaida attacks on America, ……..