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Good Ship Scholarship-An Educational Cruise

Have you ever dreamed of cruising the world in order to learn about nations from every part of the globe? If you are of college age, why not get on board the International School Ship” which is host to students from every part of the world who learn academics while learning about other people and cultures, The School Ship just docked in Istanbul this week and students involved in this unique educational enterprise will be exploring Turkish culture both from a personal as well as academic approach. The school on a cruise ship is sponsored by several universities including the University of California, Shanghai’s Fudan University, the University of Morocco, the University of Ghana, and several other major institutions. The ship hosts 200 students and faculty drawn from 35 different countries around the globe.

Among the interesting offshoots of the enterprise is creation of an international faculty which has time to talk with one another, do joint planning, and interact with students with whom they never would encounter. Fo example, while in Turkey faculty and students will explore issues such as Turkey’s proposed entry into the European Union and the controversy surrounding the topic.