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Indonesian Policy Blocking Internet Dumb!

The Jakarta Post blasted its government for the dumb policy of blocking access to the Internet in order to prevent Indonesian citizens from being able to see the controversial film “Fitna” which many believe is an anti-Muslim presentation. Itt quotes m edia expert Wilmar Wiloelar who says “this is really a clumsy move by the government it shows how the government is exploiting certain religious issues to suppress the freedom of its citizens.” Nusa Bhakti from the National Institute of Sciences fears taking such action merely encourages those from extreme Muslim views to feel they can get across their ideas regardless of what the majority of Indonesians believe about the principles of freedom of speech.

The Indonesian National Alliance of Journalists condemned the government action insisting it denied Indonesians of their rights as guaranteed by the constitution. The indonesian government insisted it acted in the name of social harmony but that is always the cry of those who seek to deny freedom of speech and press.