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It’s Bush, It’s Rumsfeld, It’s Cheney-Abusing Prisoners!

For years President Bush has blamed the inhumane treatment of prisoners in the care of America on a few “rotten apples.” Together with his buddies, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, he has refused to say, “the buck stops here” and accept responsibility for treating captured humans in degrading and criminal ways. A new report by the Senate Armed Services Committee will be released within days and it specifically identifies high ranking officials in the Bush administration as the ones who encouraged the use of torture. According to Senator Carl Levin, “attempts by senior officials to portray that(few rotten apples) to be the case while shrugging off any responsibility for abuses are both unconscionable and false. Our investigation is an effort to set the record straight.”

The report notes military officers were concerned maltreatment of prisoners violated US law an the Uniform Code of Military Justice and exposed lower ranking soldiers of possible prosecution. Military lawyers constantly expressed this disagreement with methods of interrogation that were used but their complaints were ignored.

It is time to prosecute Bush/Chenecy/Rumsfeld and sent them to jail.

German Police Cooperate With Pakistani Intelligence Torture Methods

Despite repeated comments from German government sources about Pakistani methods of interrogating, prisoners, German police continue cooperating with Pakistani colleagues. Aleem Nasir, a German citizen, was arrested upon arrival at Frankfurt Airport because police had received information from Pakistan that he was a terrorist who had damaged his arm while making explosives. Nasir’s medical examination produced no evidence of damage to his arm. He told reporters that he had been arrested in Pakistan and subjected to a brutal interrogation by Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Service Intelligence(ISI) which continually beat him until Naisr gave them a confession admitting to things he never did. He claimed being held in an ice-cold cell block that was under control of Americans.

Perhaps, some day, when another president assumes office, America can finally learn about our collusion with brutality throughout the world. Nasir may or may not be guilty of something, but continued use of interrogation methods which violate international laws in the end damage America’s and Germany’s reputation as bastions of democracy. It is interesting that the supposed terrorist who confessed to something was released by Pakistani police.