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Are British Muslims Being Blackmailed?

The war on terror all too often provides excuses for forces of authority to justify coercion and intimidation to gain control over people. Five Muslim community workers charge MI5 resorted to blackmail in an effort to get them to become informers. They claim the choice was either work with us or face deportation, harassment or detention. Three of the men say they were detained at airports while on trips back home to visit family and then returned to the UK. MI5 agents interrogated them and offered the choice of working with security forces or facing the consequences. According to Adydarus Elmi, an agent named Katherine said: “if you do not want anything to happen to your family you will co-operate.”

Another Muslim community worker, Mohamed Nur, was told if he didn’t work with MI5 they would inform every airport where their plane flies that they are on the list of terrorists which would mean being detained, imprisoned and probably tortured.

At this point, there are claims by five Mulsim community workers and a lot of denial from authorities. The only solution at this point is for an independent investigation.