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Is It Racist To Eat Eskimo Pie?

Canadian tourist Seeka Lee Veevee Parsons has become the most unpopular people in the nation of New Zealand because she made clear the word, “Eskimo” was not appropriate to use, and, in particular, it should not be used in selling an “Eskimo Lolly” which is among the best selling candies in New Zealand. She was being interviewed at a tourist location and expressed the view using the word “Eskimo” in any respect was an insult to an Inuit woman. Ms. Parsons said no one in Canada used the expression “Eskimo” anymore because it was viewed as a racist term. The Eskimo Lolly is a multi-colored marshmallow candy in the shape of a person wearing a thick hooded jacket in front of an igloo.

Thousands of New Zelanders expressed their anger at the tourist from Canada for insulting their candy. I have spent my life eating Eskimo pie ice creams and must now reconsider by doing so if I am part of a racist denial of the personhood of the Inuits. Of course, back in Canada, there is a football team named the “Edmonton Eskimos” which apparently is OK.

Who Really Were The Native Americans?

Recent discoveries of a fluff of white hair in Greenland indicate the original inhabitants of the area were not Inuits or Indians, but people who migrated from the Aleutian islands. Due to modern technoloy it is now possible to trace back the hair and make the linkage to inhabitants of the Aleutian islands. The use of DNA is enabling scientists to rewrite the history of pre-Columbian history. A study conducted in Oregon a few months ago revealed evidence the Americas were populated 1000 years before the ancestors of modern Native Americans arrived. Scientists will shortly use the fluff of hair to complete a DNA profile of the person whose hair was found.

These scientific discoveries raise questions to those who use expressions such as “Native Americans” since it is now most likely those termedd “Native” were really immigrants who took over land belonging to others. Perhaps, it is more approp;riate to use expressions such as Sioux or Apache or Aztec of Inca.