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Is Ethiopia Entering Somalia?

The legacy of George Bush lives on and on. In the fall of 2007, Bush encouraged Ethiopia to invade Somalia in order to overthrow an Islamist government. Christian Ethiopia invaded Somalia and destroyed the Islamist government which was replaced by a weak Islamist government. During the ensuing years civil war raged in Somalia as most groups wanted to rid themselves of the Christian Ethiopian invaders. Finally, a few months ago, the Ethiopian army left and a new war broke out in which Islamist groups, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda, have been gaining power.

Witnesses on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia claim Ethiopian troops have crossed over and are establishing check points on roads and in villages. The Ethiopian government denies their presence although its Communication Minister Bereket Simon notes his nation is “not contemplating going back there for the moment.” African Union sources suggest they will return because Ethiopia fears an Islamist force on its border that might stir up Muslims in their nation.

It’s a mess.

Send In The Tanks Argue Israelis

The incessant bombing of Gaza continues causing huge devastation in terms of physical destruction of facilities and the death of hundreds, most of whom are members of Hamas security forces. There are reports that Israeli tanks are prepared to lead a ground invasion of the area. However, Israeli military officials do not wish to have their troops become embroiled in fighting in urban areas, and will most probably seize certain key points rather than a full scale invasion which would inevitably result in fighting the 15,000 well armed Hamas forces. White House sources refuse to respond to questions concerning America’s attitude towards a land invasion, preferring to simply state: “those will be decisions made by the Israelis.”

Secretary of State Condi Rice made clear she has no present plans to visit the Middle East in order to broker peace. However, throughout the Arab world demonstrations of anger reflect feelings of millions of people. Although people are demonstrating in the streets, their governments remain silent since most are furious at Hamas for provoking the current conflict.

Hamas Plays With Fire As Match Goes Out

Hamas has agreed to a temporary cease fire in its rocket attacks on Israel after receiving a warning from Egyptian officials that Israel was planning a massive attack on Gaza and would seek out Hamas leaders and kill them. “The Egyptians old us that Israel is planning to assassinate number of Hamas leaders,” according to one official. Hamas also indicated it was willing to discuss a long term end of attacks provided that Israel opens the Gaza crossings and agrees to end attacks on Hamas people on the West Bank. Israel officials believe Hamas is finally beginning to understand they simply can not continue sending rockets into Israel without some consequence to their action.

Egypt is trying to negotiate a truce that would witness opening the Gaza crossings and an end to rocket attacks. If those are the conditions it would be intelligent for Israel to cooperate and see what happens if they cease attacks on Palestinians on the West Bank.

Hamas Plays With Fire Of Gaza Invasion

Hamas is attempting to present itself as the guardian of violent opposition to Israel in order to assume a position of importance in the Palestinian world. Undoubtedly, influenced by Israeli military problems in the invasion of Lebanon, Hamas officials are presenting themselves as not afraid of any Israel armed invasion of Gaza. Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas official, noted: “For three years we’ve been hearing comments about an Israeli invasion into the Gaza Strip. Israel is like a teenager who begins to smoke, chokes, then stops.” Hamas insists Israel failed to carry out the truce agreement that Gaza crossings would be open for commerce and goods. Hamas has issued a dare to israel to try and invade.

Hamas is misunderstanding the reluctance of Israel officials to respond with an armed invasion. Prime Minister Olmert sincerely seeks to make an agreement with Palestine leaders, but Olmert will soon be gone and there are other voices in Israel who are ready to take up the dare. If Gaza is invaded, thousands of innocent people will suffer.

Bush Promises To Protect Pakistan Against US Attacks!

President George Bush assured Pakistan’s newly elected leader, Asif Ali Zardari, that the United States stands ready to protect his nation from attacks by American soldiers. Of course, the American president did not exactly use those words, but he did say, “your words have been very strong about Pakistan’s sovereign duty to protect your country and the United States wants to help.” Of course, the intrusions into Pakistan territory by foreign invaders has been members of the United States military who have conducted unauthorized air and ground attacks in Pakistan territory. Bush expressed his condolences over the recent deaths caused by insurgent bombing of the Marriott hotel. However, there was no expression of condolence from the American president for the death of Pakistani civilians as a result of American air attacks.

The issue is not whether Pakistan is doing enough to fight militants in tribal regions, but the right of the United States to unilaterally invade a neutral nation under the pretext American security demands such rights of invasion. This was the Bush argument in 2003 which resulted in the tragedy of Iraq. At least George Bush remains unchanged in his stupidity.

Turkish Army Pounding Rebels-Or Are They?

A Turkish army of 10,000 soldiers backed by jet planes swooping over the area and conducting bombing attacks is moving further into Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels. The Turkish General Staff insists the operation is one of short range and its forces “will return home in the shortest time possible after its goals have been achieved.” Prime Minister Erdogan made his first statement and emphasized “the target of the cross-border attack is the terrorist organization, not the Iraqis.” He also noted the United States has been cooperating with the operation by providing important intelligence information. The official Turkish estimate is that its forces have gone about 10 kilometers although CNN claims they are at least 20-25 kilometers into Iraqi territory. CNN showed film of Turkish trucks carrying soldiers moving at a rapid rate to support its assertion.

Massoud Barzani, head of the Kurdish area of Iraq, visited the site where Turkish troops are now fighting, but refused to do anything like ordering Kurdish peshmerge forces to respond to the invasion. Apparently, the Kurdish government will watch and ponder hoping Turk troops will quickly return.

The invasion of Iraq– that is what is happening– came during a relatively quiet time on the Turkish-Kurdistan border region. There have not been any recent examples of Kurd rebels attacking Turkish troops. Erdogan’s government continues insisting there are short-term goals to be achieved. What if the goals are not achieved? What if Turkish forces find themselves confronted by guerrlla forces which will not come out and fight, but prefer clandestine operations? Will Turkish soldiers remain? In the meantime, has anyone asked permission of the Iraq government for such warlike actions on its territory?

Turkish Army Launches Attack On Kurdish Rebels

Thousands of Turkish troops crossed the border and entered Iraq as part of a new campaign to wipe out Kurdish rebels. It is estimated at least 10,000 troops constituted the invasion force with thousands more prepared to join in the hunt for Kurdish militants. Turkish military leaders stated: “The Turkish Armed Forces”, which attach great importance to Iraq’s territorial integrity and stability, will return home in the shortest time possible after the goals have been achieved.” US military officials quickly learned the attack had been made in pursuit of the Kudisatan Workers Party(PKK) but were not making any public reaction to the action except to note the operation was to be of “limited duration” and aimed at PKK rebels.

A State Department official in Washington D.C. said the land incursion was “not the greatest news” and the United States had been cooperating with the Turkish military by providing information regarding the PKK. In Baghdad, Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Hoshiyar Zebari, said his government was not aware of an Turkish ground offensive. He apparently is the only one who doesn’t know what is happening.

During the past few months there have not been reports of any major actions by the PKK in the border region, but the Turkish military appears concerned about the situaton. One can only wonder if internal conditions in Turkey played a role in this incursion into Iraq.