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Tony Blair’s Nightmare– The Truth About Iraq!

Six years ago, Tony Blair had an opportunity to strike a blow for freedom by placing pressure on George Bush not to rush for judgment into the ill-fated war in Iraq. Instead, he played stooge to an ignorant president and an evil vice president whose desire was blood and destruction in the name of democracy. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after initially stating the inquiry into why a war on Iraq would be held in secret, backtracked and made clear major portions of the inquiry would be open to the public. Tony Blair tried his best to avoid such a spectacle because his current dream is becoming the first president of the European Union who would hold the position for a fixed term of office instead of the current rotation process.

Once Europeans learn how Tony Blair lied and disguised reasons for Great Britain entering the war in Iraq it is doubtful if his candidacy will proceed on schedule. His supporters fear open hearings will lead to “mob justice” although the truth more likely will never lead to any real justice, simply people shaking their heads in disbelief.

Military Leaders Say PM Brown Wrong On Inquiry

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has rejected requests for an overall inquiry into the origin and conduct of the war in Iraq on grounds that such an investigaton would “disract” from the current war going on. He insists any inquiry should take place when the “work is over” in Iraq. But, a number of Britain’s former defence figures have rejected the Prime Minister’s warnings to hold such an investigation would undermine the troops. Field Marshall Lord Bramal, who commanded troops during the Falkland War, responded: “I don’t think an inquiry cold be a distraction. I think it is such a political hot potato the Government is not going to want it before the next election. There are few issues which people want to know about–why was there no planning for the aftermath of the war and how did we get involved in the first place.”

Lord Craig, former marshal of the RAF, supported this view. “I think it is very timely to have an inquiry before memories fade. The fact that there remain some British troops still in Iraq–they are on an ‘overwatch’ role and not actively engaged– should not delay it.”

The reality is Gordon Brown was a member of the British government which plunged into a war based on lies and fought it without any long-term plan for dealing with issues that were bound to occur. No wonder he would prefer not having such incompetence investigated since it will damage his own reputation. Then again, will the “work” ever be over in our lifetimes?

US Army Investigating Iraqi Deaths By Troops

The United States army is conducting an investigation into the shooting deaths of three Iraqis by American troops on Thursday in the village of Abu Lukah which is forty miles south of Baghdad. Shiites in the area had established the North of Hillah Awakening Council in an effort to cooperate with American forces to defeat extremists in the area. About 2:00 a.m. five members of the Council were guarding a checkpoint when shots rang out in the evening air. Apparently, American soldiers manning a watchtower in a nearby base fired on the group and killed three and wounded one. It is unclear why they shot these men who were cooperating with US forces.

Unfortunately, such incidents seriously damage efforts by US forces to gain the confidence of Iraqis. This is an example of Shiites seeking to fight terrorism who are killed by their allies, not their enemies.