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Surge Is Working Claims Secretary Rice

Secetary of State Condoleezza Rice met with Iraq’s foreign minister to share what they regard as the good news of the military surge which she insists has reduced violence in Iraq. Rice believes reducing violence has set the stage for long term economic and social ties between the United States and Iraq. Despite a drop in US deaths, Rice admitted there has yet to be sufficient progress in establishing political and economic institutions which can bring stability to the Iraqi people.

The entire issue of “lasting Iraqi ties” is complex. In reality, outside of oil, what exactly would the US seek in economic terms from an independent Iraq? The future of Iraq, for the immediate time period, rests in establishing relations with other nations of their region. In light of strong religious linkages between Iraq’s Shiites and Iran’s Shiites, the economic and social ties will probably be Iran and Iraq. Sorry, Secretary Rice, we Americans have done yeomen work to help Iran gain power in Iraq.

Iran Welcomes Dialogue On Iraq With USA

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki indicated his nation is prepared to engage in serious discussions concerning the situation in Iraq if asked by the United States. “Iran will give a positive response to the request” and hoped such talks could take place in the near future. He expressed the hope of his nation that Iraq achieve stability and security for its people. Iran continues denying it is supplying arms to insurgents in Iraq.

The United States continues insisting that Iran wants Iraq to become destabilized. The American invasion of Iraq, which led to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, was a great assistance to Iran which hated Saddam and longed for his removal from power. As the United States continues to make one blunder after another in the Middle East, Iran is the nation which stands the most to gain. Iranians and Iraqi Shiites share the same religion, they are allies in the fight against Sunnis so why should Iran want the Iraq government to collapse? It has been widely reported that neither Bush nor Cheney nor Rumsfeld had the slightest inkling about the split between Sunni and Shiite when they initiated the invasion that led to the overthrow of a Sunni led government and its replacement by a Shiite with close ties to Iran. An outside observer might conclude that George Bush is a secret agent intent on helping Iran to extend its power in the Middle East.