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Israel Claims Iran Has Secret Nuclear Program

Israel defense Minister Ehud Barak insisted Iran has a secret nuclear weapon development program and e suspects it is already working on warheads for ground-to-ground missiles. “The Iranians are aiming at nuclear weapons,” he asserted, even though “they may have slowed down the weapons development in 2003″ out of fear of an American attack. Barak insists Iran is further down the line of nuclear weapons than anyone realizes. He fears “we will wind up in 10 or 15 years with a nuclear device in the hands of terrorists.” He wants the international community to dig further into this problem.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki made clear yesterday “Iran is not threatening Israel and does not want nuclear weapons.” He pointed out Iran refused to recognize South Africa until their apartheid program ended and as far as Israel is concerned, “there is no reason why relations with that oountry cannot change to.” There was nothing in the Iranian foreign minister’s statement suggesting his nation did not believe Israel had a right to exist. This attitude is far different from extremists like Hamas, but Israel continues believing the worse about Iran despite evidence there is no nuclear weapon program.