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Will Ahmadinejad Accept Defeat?

Iranians will go to the polls tomorrow to elect a president and most experts believe moderate candidate Hossein Mousavi has increased his lead and is close to obtaining anywhere from fifty percent to up to sixty percent of votes cast. Saeed Lalyaz, a respected political analyst says the evidence displays a surge toward Mousavi, but, “I worry about the impact of any announcement that Ahmadinejad wins in the first round… If Ahmadinejad is president for the second time I worry about another Tiananmen Square experience.” After three weeks of campaigning the powerful Revolutionary Guards have warned that any attemptat a popular “revolution” would be crushed. There are reports that even elements of the military are supporting Mousavi who has promised to extend freedom to the people of Iran.

If Mousavi gains a victory, he must move slowly to reach out to Western efforts of peace. Any immediate response to the Obama offer will anger conservatives. A moderate Iranian leader has to be shrewd and bring about change slowly in order to gain support of those who fear change in their nation.

Clerics Attacking Ahmadinejad

President Ahmadinejad is fighting for his political life just days before the election of a new president in Iran. The mouth that spews anger and hatred directed it towards important clerics such as Rafsanjani, a former president, which elicited furious reactions and letters directed to the Supreme Leader Khamenei urging him to intervene and halt the ongoing verbal assault by Ahmadinejad against anyone who dares oppose him. In a recent debate, the Iranian president accused past leaders of being corrupt and even charged the wife of his opponent had used false credentials to become a college administrator. There is no doubt millions of young people, particularly women, are fed up with the authoritarian rule of Ahmadinejad and want someone who is in tune with the future of their country rather than a leader who seeks to return life to what it was in the early days of the glorious revolution which drove out the Shah.

There are three possible scenarios as a result of the presidential election. If reformer Mousavi wins, intellectuals, urban groups, and college students will be invigorated with the hope of change. If Ahmadinejad wins, he will confront a radicalized youth which is prepared to go into the streets with mass demonstrations in support of their right to individual liberty. A third scenario is the intervention of clerics to establish stability in society regardless of who is the president. Hopefully, youth can achieve their goals in the coming days for the right to enter the 21st century and share the new world along with their fellow students all over the world.

Ahmadinejad On Defense As Rivals Blast Him!

Thousands of Iranians, many of them women, took to the streets in another mass demonstration against the policies of President Ahmadinejad. To add to his problems, an important cleric, Akbar Hashemi Rasfanjani sent an open letter to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accusing Ahmadinejad of lying about his record and that of former president Khatami. He accused the president of “mis-statements and fabrications” and asked him “to resolve this position in order to extinguish the fire whose smoke can be seen in the atmosphere and to foil dangerous plots to take action.” Even as the letter circulated in the country countless thousands were demonstrating against a man who is slowly losing support of key figures in the nation. Khamenei has already rebuked Ahmadinejad for his remarks in the debate with Mousavi.

Women increasingly are assuming a major role in the election. They are not only prepared to vote but are in the streets waving banners, organizing demonstrations, and openly expressing their anger toward Ahmadinejad. Hopefully, this is a sign women are going to demand equal rights in Iran.

Tehran Human Chain Defies Ahmadinejad!

The city of Tehran witnessed the largest turnout of people in decades as supporters of the reform ticket of Hossein Mousavi formed a fifteen mile chain of humans that stretched across the capital in order to show the disgust millions of Iranians have for the policies of President Ahmadinejad. The human chain ran the entire 15 mile length of Valisar Avenue, the capital’s main north-south road. Ahmadinejad tried to match this huge demonstration by busing in thousands of people from other areas of Iran, but his crowd grew so large that he was unable to give a speech. Mousavi, who was Iran’s prime minister in the 1980s has a reputation of being honest and incorruptible. Ali Safari, a businessman told reporters: “It’s like what happened before the revolution in 1979. Everything is focused on one point, and that’s to get real change.”

There were many young women in the crowd who wore makeup and tight fitting jeans under their hijab and as Neda Ahmadi noted: “Ahmadinejad has done nothing good for our country. Musawi can improve Iran’s relations with other countries and focus on or own people’s needs.” There were many anti-Ahmadinejad placards in the crowd and chants of “Ahmadi, bye-bye.” It is believed a high turnout for the election bodes well for the success of Mousavi.

Women, The Secret Weapon To Unseat Ahmadinejad?

President Ahmadinejad of Iran is firing back against a scandalous attempt by his opponent, Mir Hossein Mousavi to win the upcoming presidential election– the use of his wife to help campaign! Mousavi is campaigning with his wife beside him in a daring effort to turn the election in his favor. It is unheard of in Iranian elections for a wife to actively participate in the campagin. His wife, Zahra Rahnavard is a painter and former university chancellor who tells it like it is: “Why are there no women presidential candidates or cabinet ministers?” she asked the male group which controls the nation. “Getting rid of discrimination and demanding equal rights is the No. 1 priority for women in Iran.” Her husband is denouncing Ahmadinejad’s inept leadership which is best typified by his claim Ms. Rahnavard used bogus academic qualifications to become a university administrator.

Ms. Rahhavard wears a veil but believes women should have more freedom to wear veils of different colors. She also agrees with her husband in the need to end “morality patrols” which harass young women for not wearing the veil correctly or the nature of their dress. “UP the veil” may well be the new slogan in Iran.

Ahmadinejad To Use TV To Deny Defeat

President Mahmoud Amadinejad has denied the existence of the Holocaust, and now he has to attempt to deny the probability of his defeat in the upcoming election. Shades of unshaven looking Richard Nixon confronting John Kennedy, supporters of Ahamdinejad have urged him to hire a makeup artist who can make him look less grim and angry. Recent polls show the president losing in the election to moderate Mir Hossein Mousavi and some conservatives have urged Ahmadinejad to drop out of the race rather than suffer a possible crushing defeat. The unnamed fundamentalists have advised the president to “take the courageous decision” and save the conservative movement.

Hopefully, the people of Iran recognize their historic opportunity to forge positive relations with the world and enter a path of economic prosperity and political leadership in the region.

Iran Presidential Candidates Clash

The Iranian presidential campaign is producing anger and charges and counter charges as reformers claim President Ahmadinejad is out of touch with reality. In return, Ahmadinejad, insists that former reform president Khatami sold out his nation in 2003 for voluntarily agreeing to suspend nuclear development to avoid United Nations sanctions. His decision was termed by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a “wise”one. But, Ahmadinejad who is under attack for a laggard economy has gone on the offense in an effort to cast his opponents as enemies of their nation and willing to sell out Iran in order to placate the West. Khatami has demanded an apology from the president, but it is doubtful if any will be forthcoming.

A key issue is the state of the Iranian economy. If Ahmadinejad can twist the campaign into a fight over nuclear power he will appeal to emotions and some will forget there is high unemployment and the economy is a mess

Russia Backs Obama, Ignores Israeli FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov praised President Obama for offering new alternatives in dealing with Iran. He indicated Obama’s approach will assist in efforts to reach agreements with Iran. However, Lavrov also met with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who he politely made clear to that Russia will work with other nations in pursuit of peace with Iran but would not engage in any form of military action. However, Lavrov said Russia was urging Hamas and President Abbas to cooperate in pursuit of peace.

Lieberman still does not grasp that few outside his own nation regard him as anything other than a buffoon who lacks any understanding of what must occur to bring peace to the Middle East. For some reason, voters in Israel actually believe this vicious hater of Muslims will be of any assistance in bringing peace to their nation.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Blasts Islamic Extremism!

At a summit meeting between leaders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joined with his colleagues to issue a Tehran Declaration against Islamist extremism and the drug trade. They expressed their concern how the drug trade was impacting their nations and disturbing efforts to create stable societies. President Zardari of Pakistan, President Karzai of Afghanistan accompanied Ahmadinejad to meet with Iran’s religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He told them “extremism has not only created problems for the region, it also threatens others.. especially those who created this extremism by funding it through their policies.” He apparently was referring to American military actions by Bush which have spawned terrorism in the region.

It is somewhat ironic to have President Ahmadinejad who supports extremism joining in denunciation of what he has supported. It is also ironic that Americans still do not grasp how Bush policies in the Middle East created terrorists and caused instability in the region. Isn’t it time the United States had a commission study the entire range of George Bush policies that have created so many problems in the Middle East and Asia?

Missiles And Missiles- What About Them?

Almost two decades ago when the Soviet Union collapsed, there was hope it also marked the end of concern about missile attacks, but recent events suggest, old fears have become new ones. Iran launched what was considered to be a successful missile which went over one thousand miles, a sufficient distance to impact either Europe or Israel. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates noted it was still unclear if the missile actually hit an intended target. At the same time, President Obama and Gates were debating the need to pursue George Bush’s idea for a missile defense system in eastern Europe which is strongly opposed by Russia.

The Czech Republic government which agreed to cooperate on a missile system has fallen and most opinion polls indicate most Czechs do not want to have anything to do with missile systems in their nation. The intelligent process is to invite Russia to become partners in an anti-missile system that protects it from attack as well as Europe. Of course, why would Iran launch a missile attack knowing full well it would result in a barrage of missiles pounding its own country?