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Cleric Wars Continue In Iran

There is increasing evidence of a serious split within Iran’s cleric leadership as to how to deal both with President Ahmadinejad, and more fundamental issues such as the growing gap between those with power and a younger generation which is demanding more freedom as well as a voice in decision making. A powerful Iranian cleric in a sermon broadcast nationally, demanded the arrest of all those who opposed recent election results. He accused reformers of attempting to topple the government and they incited riots. “Why were the leaders not arrested?” demanded Ahmad Jannat, head of the powrful Guardians Council.

The answer to his question remains unanswered because top leaders are arguing over the best course of action. Failure to arrest Mousavi and other opposition leaders is evidence there is no unanimity among top clerics about what to do. The best course of action for the West is to remain quiet and stay out of this struggle. It must be resolved by Iranians.

Iranian Leader-Focus On Nuclear Technology, Not Weapons

Former Iranian Supreme National Security Council secretary Ali Larijani urged his nation to remain focused on developing its nuclear capabilities. “Iran has reached a good level in nuclear technology due to its steadfastness and today their(Western) theorists should accept that Iran has gained access to nuclear technology.” He pointed out the International Atomic Energy Agency and its director, Mohamed ElBaradel has stated there is no evidence Iran is making atomic weapons. Larijani says even if Iran was thinking about making nuclear weapons that would not even happen for years to come. He urged his nation’s leaders to engage in negotiations with other nations about nuclear energy.

Larijani’s statement is an indication many clerics wish their nation to pursue a nuclear energy program, but are not particularly interested in developing atomic weapons. Despite what Bush and other hysterical commentators believe, Iran’s clerics are conservative and they are not stupid. Unleashing atomic weapons on another country would lead to the end of Iran and their power. This is the time to negotiate with Iran, not threaten it.