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There are confessions in which an individual admits to having made a mistake and seeks pardon from those who have been hurt by their actions. There are confessions in which an individual says whatever he must in order to get on with his life, and the truth be damned as long as there is some peace and quiet. There are confessions in which someone deliberately lies in order to attain some goal. There are confessions in which someone is being satirical and believes admitting to some outrageous misdeed will elicit laughter from the audience. Then again, there is the IRANIAN CONFESSION which emerges after several weeks or months of being beaten, deprived of sleep and peace of mind. Mohaddad Ali Abtahi, is a noted Iranian political leader who has served in various positions of authority under the Iranian government, but he had the misfortune to be appalled by the horror of what President Ahmadinejad did to protestors last June. His reward for faithful service was prison and abuse.

Abtahi stood up in court and offered an IRANIAN CONFESSION in which he committed heinous acts against the Iranian government that no one believes, even President Ahmadinejad. In the coming months we can expect more such Iranian confessions.