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Ahmadinejad Got 140% In Some Village Ballot Results!

The old Democratic political bosses like former Mayor Daley of Chicago are turning over in their graves at news of how Iranian political bosses really know how to get the votes in and in. They just don’t worry about having dead people vote, heck, they even vote for those yet to be born! The centrist Ayandeh website, which was neutral during the Iranian election, reports that in 26 provinces across the nation, participation figures for voters exceeded any norm known in history. The town of Kouhrang recorded a 132% turnout but Chadegan in Isfahan province only had 120%. Ayandeh’s source claims that in at least 200 polling stations in Iran, the participation rate was 95% or above which is a statistical impossibility due to the fact people die after registering to vote or are ill on election day.

These claims are impossible to verify but are consistent with statements made by former Iranian interior minister, Ali Akbart Mohtashamipour who said on Tuesday that 70 polling stations returned more completed ballots than the number of eligible voters. There are also reports that some polling stations ran out of ballots as early as 10:00 a.m. even though sent more than sufficient ballots for eligible voters.

The ball is in the court of supreme leader Ali Khamenei. Does he allow the farce or does he insist on a fair election?